I used to resent my business.

I had craved being a solo entrepreneur for years, and yet, once I finally was one, I began to build up resentment towards it.

I felt guilty for taking a day off or a sick day. I wasn’t taking holidays other than weekends off.

My creativity had dried up.

I felt like I was completely out of alignment and forcing myself every step of the way.

I had my mornings and evenings off to myself to meditate, do yoga, be in deep restoration, and yet, I felt burnt out all the time.

I would kick myself for not feeling as grateful as I knew I should be. I got to work from home with my dog, mentoring women, doing powerful healing work, and yet, I resisted it.

No wonder why the cash flow was inconsistent.

Once I dove in and began to heal my relationship with the masculine energy within me, everything changed.

The masculine within me was forcing me, pushing me, guilting me.

When I was off on the weekends, his voice would be telling me that I should be working, resulting in me feeling drained rather than restored.

He was smacking me down all the time, making me feel like I wasn’t good enough and wasn’t powerful enough.

I was so plugged into slavery & poverty consciousness and I had no idea this was operating in the background.

We are currently birthing a new reality, a New Earth, meaning, we get to be the creators of the consciousness that future generations will be operating from.

We are collapsing and dismantling slavery and poverty grids so that future generations may live in harmony and equality, and in order to do so, that means dismantling the slavery and poverty grids that are operating our own lives.

I began to welcome the divine masculine consciousness codes into my life and converse with the divine masculine consciousness in my meditations.

I realized that Divine Masculine Consciousness would NEVER force, push, or belittle. He would hold space, he would lead, he would guide, he would penetrate when one is open and receptive.

He would hold space for me when I needed to take a rest day and just chill, and he would make sure that that guilt wouldn’t creep in because he would reassure me that this is exactly what I needed.

He would support me.

He would tell me things like, “that post you want to write, you’re not in the energy for it right now, so go off and have a bath and do some dancing and once you are feeling better come back to it, it will still be there.”

He would give me business and leadership advice and I would easily execute it because I was inspired to take action.

Suddenly, my business began to drastically shift.

My creativity ignited again and I started to channel higher streams of consciousness when writing.

I no longer felt drained by my business, but rather, so supported by my business.

I began to see my business as an entity to converse with, play with, dance with, flirt with, create with, and pour my love into.

I would ask my business what she needed and desired, and she would do the same with me.

Channels of soulmate clients began to easily pour in and my channel of prosperity began to expand.

I would open my emails to find enrollment calls booked while I was sleeping.

I had completely collapsed the slavery and poverty consciousness grid operating in my life and began to grid in my royal template.

Every day, whether it be a workday or play day, I ride my masculine chariot on the highway of feminine flow.

& as a result? My relationship with the men in my life has shifted as well.

Your relationship with men is only as good as your relationship with the masculine within you.

I am currently offering/booking enrollment calls for Ascension Ninja: 5D Reality Mastery which is a 6 week coaching container to support you on:
-collapsing & clearing timelines
-clearing distortions in your energy field
-creating and expanding into your desired reality
-being the creatrix of your 5th dimension grid of Heaven on Earth reality

Coaching begins the 1st week of December, which means you will be quantum leaping into 2020.

In December I am also going to be opening up enrollment for Cosmic Radiance, my 6 month coaching container, which is specifically for women who are desiring to bring their gifts & magic into the world but still feel that they have a lot of energetic distortions around self-belief, toxic masculine & feminine programs, and trusting their own inner guidance before launching their brilliance into the world.

For more information email me at coachmaryenns@gmail.com

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