Work With Me

Are you feeling like something is missing? You can feel that you are meant to do something so much more, be something so much more, feel something so much more. You just feel stuck, perhaps a little trapped. You know there is a wild animal inside of you that is waiting to be awakened, but not sure what the first steps are. This is where I come in to play.

I have felt “trapped” in my current circumstances multiple times throughout the course of the last 8 years, and each time I finally took that leap and set fire to my life and completely revamped it, I wondered why I didn’t do it sooner. Sometimes all you need is that little extra push from someone that can shine light on your shadows and blind spots and hold you accountable to what you said you would do in the first place. I am that person for you. Together we will:

MaryJCoachingDiscover what is missing from your life that is keeping you from tapping into your happiness and free spirited goddess zone.

MaryJCoachingUncover self sabotaging limiting beliefs and shine light on your blind spots that are holding you back.

MaryJCoachingGet clear on the vision of which you want in your life.

MaryJCoachingCreate an action plan on how you will step into the next level of happiness and free spirited goddess zone.

MaryJCoachingI will keep you accountable to the goals and tasks that we have set throughout the course of our work together.

MaryJCoachingWith each session, which is done via Zoom video conference calling, we will tackle any obstacles that arise, celebrate what is going well, and continue to create new success habits.

Our ultimate mission is to get you into a higher frequency and happier zone because you are meant to be that free spirited goddess you crave to be! 

I do a complimentary 60-90 minute deep dive session and when you are ready to continue to work with me your investment into your next level of free spirited goddess zone is:

MaryJCoaching4 sessions (45-60 mins) $799 CAD (or 2 payments of $450 CAD)

MaryJCoaching8 sessions (45-60 mins) $1399 CAD (or 3 payments of $499 CAD)

MaryJCoaching12 sessions (45-60 mins) $2099 CAD (or 4 payments of $549 CAD)

Are you ready to awaken that sleeping animal inside of you? Let’s chat!