What collaborating together for your healing & evolution would look like...



Cosmic Shamanic Healing (Individual Sessions)

I journey to the other world for you to either retrieve your Power Animal or to bring your intention that you desire to release (trauma, limiting belief, heavy energy, physical pain etc.) to the spirits to have them heal and transmute the energy for you and for me to bring back a blessing for you.

While I journey for you, many of my clients end up having their own profound journey of being taken into another realm. Whether it be seeing a past life, meeting another power animal, reconnecting with passed on loved ones, their inner child coming forth, seeing their DNA activate or simply having a lot of physical sensations, each person's experience is unique and perfectly aligned for what they need in that moment.

The quantum healing that takes place happens on a cellular level and creates massive shifts in one's life.

These sessions done via Zoom Video Conference Calling last between 35-60 minutes depending on how long I am in the spirit world and how long you are within your own process as the energies integrate.

I currently offer these distance healing sessions for €88. Payment is made before our session via Stripe which accepts Visa, M/C or visa/mc debit cards.

If you are local in Salzburg, Austria, I can offer these sessions in person as well.

To book your Cosmic Shamanic Healing session go here! 




What clients who received a shamanic journey from me are saying...




"Mary is an incredibly powerful healer. Over Skype we went on a Shamanic journey together where Mary went to meet my power animal. It was very physically intense and powerful session for me from the moment we began, with blockages shifting and releasing straight from my womb and heart. It was an incredible beautiful process and it has opened me up to more levels of healing and knowing within myself. Mary holds such a sacred place and truly and deeply honours you on your path."

-Meadhbh O Leary


"I recently did a Blue Bowl Healing Ceremony with Mary. It was amazing and has totally transformed my life. I could feel what I intended to release into the Blue bowl pour out of my being entirely. When Mary brought the blessing back I had a profound feeling of peace and ease wash over my entire body. Since doing the ceremony with Mary, I have become more trusting of life and spirit. Mary Is extremely compassionate and I am grateful to have been blessed by her light."

-Brooke White


"I've recently done a Shamanic journey with Mary, a power animal retrieval. It was a very special experience! She explained to me what she had seen and the message that my power animal had for me. I was so surprised because I met this same animal in my dream a year ago and got the same message!!! And she did not know about this. Wow.. just wow.. Would definitely recommend this gifted, strong and lovely woman!"


-Mariama Seco Banja



Ascension Ninja: 5D Reality Mastery (6 week coaching) 

Ascension Ninja is a high frequency 6 week private 1 on 1 coaching container which includes:

~5 x 75 minute coaching calls via Zoom Video Conferencing
~1 x 30 minute shamanic blue bowl healing ceremony or power animal retrieval - your choice!
~Email/messenger support during office hours

The coaching container is very intuitive according to where you are right now with your ascension journey and what you are desiring to create in your reality.

We will be doing the following in our sessions:

~Timeline collapsing & clearing.
Using timeline therapy and my own channeled timeline modalities we clear timelines in which your energy/power is leaking out to. This could be past timelines, future timelines, and/or parallel timelines.

This will help you have more energy/vitality in the NOW so you may radiate your light even stronger in the direction you are desiring to quantum leap into

~Clearing distortions in your energy field.
This could be limiting beliefs, traumas, or any sort of funky energies that are lingering in your field that is dulling your radiance. I use cosmic shamanic healing, Neuro-linguistic programming, hypnotherapy and other intuitive channeled modalities for this process.

~Creating & expanding into your desired reality.
This is where the fun fifth-dimensional stuff comes into play. We will be navigating the 5D field by laying the gridwork for your desired reality and infusing the desired frequencies into this. This is you standing in your power as the creatrix of your heaven on earth grid and believing in your ability to create such.

The divine masculine & the divine feminine is a foundation in which I do all of my work.

The conversation around activating & marrying the divine king & queen codes will be infused throughout this entire experience.

You will walk out of the Ascension Ninja container fully embodied as the quantum creatrix that you are, with a rapidly expanding consciousness and the tools to help you navigate this New Earth fifth dimensional way of being!

I am currently offering this program for €1444. Payment plans are offered.

To book your enrollment call to see if we are the right fit for each other please first fill out the pre-enrollment questions here! 




What Ascension Ninja clients are saying...

"The universe beautifully brought myself and Mary together a few months back through a Facebook group we were both a part of. My first experience of her wonders was a shamanic power animal retrieval session which was incredibly profound and powerful. I felt a very strong energetic shift during the session which blew my mind as she was in Austria and I am in Ireland! I knew from that, that Mary was a very powerful space holder and guide for any kind of healing and expansion journey. In my own life, I have several projects that I have been very eager to get off the ground and to expand on, for this reason, I was very drawn to Mary’s Ascension Ninja course. Each week the results and the processing were really mindblowing. Within the first few sessions of healing old patterns and outdated programs, I connected with many different aspects of myself, from my fiery younger self, to the higher selves of my parents. Each week I felt further liberation and deeper connection to what the entirety of who I am is trying to do in this life. I could always feel Mary's strength and power with me as I journeyed to these places. She held the container and really witnessed what was happening for me. I felt that it accelerated so much of my own healing and has enabled me to stand more fully in my power, in particular my power as a sexual feminine being which has had dramatic effects on all aspects of myself. I am eternally grateful for the wonderful being that Mary is and for what she has provided me with. My life has been changing at an incredible rate from relationships, daily goals, daily actions and my ability to stand in my own power."

-Meadhbh O Leary Fitzpatrick


Fotografo Recien Nacidos Embarazo Malaga

Cosmic Radiance (6 Month Private Coaching)

A 6-month private coaching experience to support the mystical woman in her inner energetic recalibration to prepare her to powerfully launch her lightwork out into the world. She is feeling the call to serve but knows she has much of her own inner healing to do first.

~18 x 60 minute intimate deep dive 1:1 coaching sessions done weekly via zoom video call, giving you the week of your period off to integrate. These sessions use NLP, timeline therapy, hypnotherapy, cosmic shamanic healing & various other channeled healing modalities.

~free download of my STARSEED ACTIVATION BUNDLE to accelerate your healing & transformation  ($59.99 Value)

~1 bonus shamanic healing (blue bowl or power animal retrieval) that you can claim at any time during our 6 months together

~Support & strategy in between via email/messenger during office hours.

For detailed information on this highly transformative experience, go here!

What Cosmic Radiance clients are saying...


"Mary has been such an amazing coach there just aren’t enough words!! Inner work isn’t always easy or glamorous. It’s messy. It’s hard. Having a beautiful and wise coach really helps to propel you forward. She asks the hard questions. She pokes the bear. She holds you accountable. All while holding space for you to be authentic and raw and fall apart and pick yourself back up and grow. What I love about Mary is that she does all this and does her own inner work and growth too. She doesn’t expect anything from you that she doesn’t expect from herself. It really helps to have a coach that continues do grow and heal and learn new tools.

If you’re looking for someone to help you in your journey, Mary is so absolutely recommended. I feel completely blessed to have worked with her and look forward to what our future will hold for us both."

-Brandie Bates




The Grounded Starseed Digital Course 





A digital course to support you in grounding into your body for greater soul purpose clarity, higher self embodiment, and for fiercely grounding your vision into reality! Marrying the cosmos with the Earth realm.




Starseed Activation Bundle




A collection of guided meditations, galactivations, and prayers that will elevate your frequency and align you with your soul mission on Earth!