Are you sick of playing out the same cycle over and over again?

Has a past trauma been playing on repeat and keeping you stuck? You just want to move forward but you can’t seem to detach yourself from the grip that it’s had on you.

Are you sick of attracting the wrong type of man? You’ve wasted so much time with narcissists, men that need mothering, and stale relationships where it felt like you were laying in bed next to a friend.

Are you in complete overdrive mode where you have lost sight of what it feels like to actually feel ALIVE? Even when it’s time to relax, you can’t seem to settle down enough to engage in the moment.

Are you craving more? Mind blowing sex. Soul to soul connection relationships. Meeting your soulmate. Loving the hell out of yourself. Radiant energy. Fulfillment. Adventure. SOUL LIT THE FUCK UP.

I’ve been there sister. I spent the majority of my life feeling codependent on men that weren’t good for me. I allowed people to take advantage of me. I felt disconnected from life and from myself for the longest time. Past traumas had me stuck, playing out the same patterns and same self sabotaging cycles over and over again. It wasn’t until I started to do energy work in the subconscious realm and harmonize my masculine and feminine energies that I started to finally release these patterns, step fully into my goddess zone and attract my soulmate.

The women I work with have such beautiful hearts, but over time, they’ve been damaged through trauma and crappy relationships and they’ve not only blocked out the love they offer the world…but the love they offer themselves. By releasing the energetic charges around past experiences, by creating an intuitive practice to play with their feminine energies and heal their masculine energies, these women are embracing their goddess zones and actually feeling that LOVE for themselves.

Throughout our lives, we leave fragments of our power scattered around like confetti. In that trauma. In that relationship. In that job. Our soul cup drains, disconnecting us further and further from our worth. We think that this is the way that it's supposed to be because on a deep subconscious level that's the story we have been holding onto since we were little girls - that we are not worth more.

Imagine what it would be like to be on your yoga mat and not be comparing yourself to the other women in your class. 

Imagine what it would be like to hear that song that normally would have triggered you, but instead you hear it and feel pride for how far you have come with your healing journey.

Imagine what it would be like to have a morning ritual everyday where you connect to yourself on a soulful level to pave the way for a high vibe beautiful day. Imagine how you would feel having those boundaries set that you put yourself first first thing in the morning before anyone else. Not because you know you should and because you have to – but because you WANT to.

Imagine what it would be like to look into the eyes of every man you’re with and feeling confident in your worth.

Imagine what it would feel like to not be looking outside of yourself for approval, but rather have it come from within. 
Imagine what it would feel like to make decisions on your own without asking everyone around you for their opinions because you trust your intuition to make the right choices.

Imagine what it would feel like to feel life so fully that no matter what you’re doing you are full of laughter, joy and playfulness.

It's time for you to experience true transformation. It's time for you to release the energetic charges of the past to make space for that goddess inside you to step out of her sleeping garden and be woke the fuck up. It's time for you to embody your femininity and attract the man of dreams. It's time for you to take aligned action in creating that juicy life that turns your soul on.


I know you’re reading this thinking, “must be nice for her but there’s no way that’ll happen for me…” 
GIRL I spent 8 years combined in an abusive relationship and a narcissistic relationship because I felt on a subconscious level that I deserved it in some way or another. I didn’t think that there was any better out there.

I used to look in the mirror and pick myself apart, telling myself I shouldn’t have eaten that sushi and wine this past weekend because I’m looking bloated. I used to painfully scroll Instagram and wonder what other workout routine I could do to have abs like that. I used to believe that my family looked down upon me like I was the black sheep.

Then just when I got my shit together, I was living the high life of being a free spirited travel junkie who was clearing the past patterns of low self worth running through my head…BAM. I went through a trauma in Dominican with a friend where we almost didn’t get to come home from. I went through months of darkness afterwards, wading through the depths of PTSD, depression and anxiety. It was like all of the work I had done to love myself, was stripped away and I started from scratch. I didn’t feel good enough for anybody. I didn’t think my boyfriend was going to stick around because why would he when I didn’t feel pretty enough, fit enough and positive enough. 

I was so disconnected from that free spirited high vibe girl I once was. I mourned the loss of her.

I did the PTSD counselling and sexual assault therapy but I still didn’t feel like I was moving forward.

Then I stumbled on actual energy work of the subconscious mind. With that, I released the energetic charge that the trauma had on me. I released the holds that past beliefs had on me so that I could imprint in new empowering ones. I embraced my feminine energy to bring playfulness and flow into my life. I healed my masculine energy to help me feel safe in my body again.

I feel alive again. I actually FEEL. I feel connected to my divine feminine again. I know my worth so that I’ve been able to set boundaries accordingly. I’ve lost people as a result because I don’t have space in my boundary bubble for people that take advantage of me. I am in a soul to soul connection relationship with my soul mate who I am marrying next year. He is the beach to my ocean. The warrior to my goddess. I look into his eyes and no matter the shape of my body or the condition of my skin, I feel safe in myself and my worth. I have my power back.

Are you ready to shed the chains of your past traumas, patterns and shitty self talk to create space for you to embody your goddess?


This intimate Awaken Your Goddess coaching experience with me will guide you through:

~Energetic clearing (bust through traumas/emotional charges keeping you anchored to limiting beliefs)

~Goddess recoding (shift your relationship to food, your body, and your self-esteem/self-worth)

~Balancing masculine/feminine energies (harmonize your life, increase your level of flow and enjoyment while still getting shit done)

~Manifestation/visioning (craft an intuitive routine to keep you vibrating in speed with your desires)

The program includes:

~Weekly deep-dive private coaching sessions with me

~Personalized meditations/visualizations to accelerate your healing/transformation

~Support/strategy in between to keep you on track

-The transformation your soul has been yearning for


If your intuition is ignited by these words, let's play.


Your goddess is waiting to be woke.


Your power is waiting to be called back.


It's time for you to be supported.


It's time to make magic.


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