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I am currently enrolling for The Fully Booked Self private 6 month mentorship container to help you open your bold content channel, pour the diamonds of your soul into your unapologetic message, and communicate it in a way that lands deeply with your people, booking your services with right fit clients.

This is for you, the woman in business, desiring to hone in on your irresistable factor, electrifying ⚡️ your voice, content & online presence with the JUICE of your soul that will stand you out in the feeds, translating your soul into sales.

If you feel like your online presence, content & expression is a watered down version of you, not truly reflecting your big magnetic magic, resulting in clients sputtering in here & there rather than on a hot stream you know you deserve...this is for you.

Using my signature Root System Method we dissolve out the lenses that have been capping your expression & embodiment so that you feel safe & secure to be more visible, louder & clearer.

We expand your capacity to hold more of YOU, your wild, your creativity, your service to your clients, your big witch voice, & more 💸 flowing through your biz.

In my first session with my client E., we collapsed the story that it wasn’t safe for her to be her fringy, weird self in her business, which had her camera shy & holding back from speaking her soul riffs.

That night she got on IG Story and shared the realest stream of consciousness, which had her DM’s exploding with people lapping up every word, inquiring about working with her & booking sessions.

In our work together we crystallize your messaging, offers, & who your work is for.

We make tangible strategic shifts to your content so that not only is it a clear signal to your peeps…

It also converts into your containers being filled by clients that you sincerely love to work with.

Through customized embodiment practices & cleaning up your energy leaks, I support you in turning the volume way up on your sacral power. 🔋 🔥

So that the strategic moves you make in your biz are coming from a deeply embodied, filled from the inside out, state of overflow. Like the wind is at your back, supporting you in your alignment & purpose.

Where being well nourished and supported by your business is the standard.

Where rather than your business being a source of frustration & resentment, it's a wellspring of joy, pleasure & juicy creativity.

Which is then reciprocated by the level of support you are delivering to your clients.

6 months where you will have my high level expertise, wisdom & support, and my eyes & antenna on your content, offers, & energy.

Providing you with real time shifts & fine tuning to your messaging so it gets more eyes on you & lands deeper with the right people.

Biweekly video call sessions. Messenger support Tuesday-Friday during office hours.

€7k PIF or €1200/mo

Contact me or slippy slide into my DM's if you feel the tingle.

 L I B E R A T O R ⚡️ Energy Work (Individual Sessions)

I’m a big believer in our ability to recalibrate timelines.

To completely alter the course & trajectory.

Even just the smallest shift can create the biggest ripple.

Sometimes we get off track and it feels like we are being met with so much resistance, chaos & obstacles.

This is where we pivot to come back into alignment, our knowing, open our heart centers and find peace within us when there is a storm outside.

And holding that line as the dust around us settles and we begin to see a different reflection.

It starts with the energy realm first, shifting awareness & perception, moving out the block and calling in expansion.

It’s integrated when we take that shift within ourselves and put our hands in the malleable soil of physical reality… taking the aligned action steps that firmly plant the energetic shift into the Earthly realm.


Many of you don’t know this about me but I’m a healer first and a coach second.

Much of my coaching containers involves moving & expanding energy and supporting you in taking the action that’s required to help you bring your vision to life.

But not everybody that comes to me wants to step into a full 3-6 month mentorship relationship.

They would rather receive a quick dose of my magic in 1 or 2 sessions to help recalibrate where they are at now.

Some coaches say this is a no no in strategy.

But for me? I love doing one off healing sessions.

Because I understand that sometimes all you need is a quick buffer up.

It makes my soul purrrr to meet and support people that I wouldn’t have otherwise had the opportunity to do so if I was only offering 3 or 6 month blocks of sessions.

& it’s for this reason that I offer 1 hour L I B E R A T O R ⚡️ Energy Work sessions that is my deep, precise and signature alchemical process to support you with where you’re at now.


I recently worked on one of my previous healers, Franni, and after the energy work was complete, a purple ray illuminated across the screen.

Y’all can’t make this sh!t up. I love when we are able to immediately see the tangible results of work like this.

All cylinders were firing and all parts of her congruent again with her vision & mission.

Aligned. Recalibrated. Momentum created. Since our session she had 4 new clients immediately sign up with her. ROI and then some.

💥 boom.

Regular price €222

Payment is made before our session via Paypal or Stripe.

 To book your L I B E R A T O R Energy Work here! 


Digital Offerings:

Bold & Booked Masterclass
Click here to purchase & get instant access!
Copy of power embodiment flow (5)
FROM DOUBT TO POWERHOUSE is an identity shift.

Being a powerhouse is about HOLDING the frequency of your desired reality and knowing that God is moving mountains for you in the unseen realm as you take action in the physical realm. It's about being absolutely certain that your success is inevitable and showing up to your world from this place.

From Doubt to Powerhouse is a movement of soulpreneur women activated in their COcreative potential, walking home to their connection to God and letting God be the force that works through them.

A powerhouse knows she belongs at the table and owns her seat there. She knows she has a revolution to offer.

It's about no longer allowing doubt to live in your cellular memory that has been blocking you from going next level with your soul aligned business.

From Doubt to Powerhouse gives you all of the guided embodiment tools that you need to rewrite the story you hold in your body to tap into your I AM GOLD AND AM WORTHY OF BEING RECEIVED AS SUCH energy.

Show up to your business with a sure as F attitude that your shit is lit and you have transformation to provide, no longer spiralling out in procrastination, doubt, and analysis paralysis mode.

Your soulmate client magnet switch is ON and you easily attract people into your online space that are a joy to work with that totally vibe with you.

Your inspiration channel is wide open, being flooded with regular tidal waves of ideas and energy for content creation and crafting your soul service.

Click here for more information and instant access.

SEEN is a revolution for women to rise into a whole new level of their personal power and be able to hold & anchor it in their bodies.

SEEN launches the lightworker hiding in the broom closet to brightly sharing her magic with the world.

SEEN revives the entrepreneur who is feeling frustrated because her business just hasn't "popped off yet" to reconnecting her with her vision and belief.

SEEN helps the online entrepreneur heal from social media burnout that's making her feel drained by her social media tasks to feeling filled, playful, & FREE to express herself online.

SEEN takes the healer afraid to step out onto the online world making her in-person biz at mercy to whatever the latest gov't restrictions are, to beautifully, powerfully, & clearly sharing her message with an online soul aligned community.

SEEN is a 9 module self-paced journey to walk you back home to yourSelf, your Power, your Brilliance. 

Click here for more information and enrolment. 

Boss Witch Private Mentorship Options...

6 x 1 hour 1:1 mentorship video calls
Support in between sessions during office hours


We weave my signature Root System Method for subconscious rewiring and upgrading the way you see yourself through L I B E R A T O R energy work, while snuggling into soulful strategy to make your content, online presence & aligned client bookings explode.

Like how to grow your friend list/audience by 100s a month, filling your audience with divinely aligned soul family who adore you, your message & your services.

Like how to turn on your hot 🔥 content tap that people land on your page and hire you in the same day (this happened to me yesterday 💦).

Like how to have BIG TRUST ENERGY that new spiritual gifts unlock and you start channeling your own modalities.

Like how to walk into your client sessions confidently and powerfully in your ability to serve and provide transformation.

Like how to hold space for your inner child while she’s throwing a tantrum while still showing up to your work as an act of high service.


The Boss Witch Era is here.

Let’s pop that bad mystical b!tch  energy..

Let’s activate you to fully own your gifts & your role as a spiritual service provider, so much so that you become THE CHANNEL for divine offers & streams of consciousness to pour through in your content.

Let’s book super aligned client sessions on your calendar that are a pure delight to serve. 

Let’s infuse confident content on your socials, pouring from your wide open  channel, stamped with your soul signature. 

Let’s connect you deeply to your soul embodiment and liberated self expression so the signal you are transmitting in your messaging is pure, clear, and concise ⚡️.



Raise your hand if you’re ready to go from floppy D energy to big D energy in your work & in your world. 

I am currently offering 3 months of biweekly mentorship for 3500 euros. Payment plans available. 


Book your Vibe Check Call here. 


Note - booking a Vibe Check call doesn't commit you to any sort of financial commitment. It's merely a getting to know you call to make sure we both are the right fit for each other!

What private mentorship clients are saying...


Hey listen, I was tired of my own voice echoing into the expanse of the social media world when I met Mary J. Wright. Her wee bit of spiciness and realness sucked me right into her lively content and I thought, "I am kinda spicy too but I leave it out of most of my content...why do I do that?" I also loved that we are both on the expat journey in Ireland so this is someone who will "get me" and the challenges that I believed I faced as an expat working online in the financial sector in the US while living abroad. I wanted to hire her right away! When I did, the timing was perfect as I was about to have my first ever launch and BOY OH BOY that was A LOT and there is no way I would have held that energy without her help. Girl held me together through a January launch (timing couldn't have been more odd) and people ACTUALLY signed up! If you have something you are dying to flesh out and need the support of someone who gets it and can hold you through such a thing, Mary is your girl. I would not have started building what I am building now without her help. She will help you find your voice in your content and feel so much more yourself.
-Diana McLaughlin

I was growing through one of the most transformational times in my life when I hired Mary for support. Her medicine was exactly what my soul needed! I am trusting myself in my businesses in such a more deep and aligned way! I let myself be me! Mary created some of the greatest customized soul aligned embodiment practices for me to release stored up emotions on the spot. I’m literally a different person! I have shifted and I am coming from a completely different place! More efficient with my time and I do it my way! I feel more abundant that I ever have. Clients are messaging me with "Take my money!" kinds of messages! -Casey Hendon

I have a huge amount of gratitude and appreciation for Mary's powerful work. During our time together she supported me in shedding many layers of limiting beliefs, traumas, and societal conditionings that were holding me back from truly tapping into my full potential. I was amazed at how Mary was able to guide me into such a deep space where parts of me that were ready to be released simply fell away and I was able to reconnect with parts of myself that had been locked away for years. I know from first-hand experience that Mary is a very powerful alchemical priestess. She is able to hold space and guide a session in such a way that profound shifts can take place and deep layers of distortion can be excavated and cleared. I feel immensely blessed to have been on this journey with Mary. Due to her gifted abilities and grace, I was able to step more fully into who I truly am, the being that I was born to be. I have no doubt that Mary is deeply aligned with her soul's mission in supporting other souls to reclaim parts of themselves and live from a place of integrated wholeness so that we can create this new earth together.
- Stephanie Kearney
"The universe beautifully brought myself and Mary together a few months back through a Facebook group we were both a part of. My first experience of her wonders was a shamanic power animal retrieval session which was incredibly profound and powerful. I felt a very strong energetic shift during the session which blew my mind as she was in Austria and I am in Ireland! I knew from that, that Mary was a very powerful space holder and guide for any kind of healing and expansion journey. In my own life, I have several projects that I have been very eager to get off the ground and to expand on, for this reason, I was very drawn to Mary’s Ascension Ninja coaching container. Each week the results and the processing were really mindblowing. Within the first few sessions of healing old patterns and outdated programs, I connected with many different aspects of myself, from my fiery younger self, to the higher selves of my parents. Each week I felt further liberation and deeper connection to what the entirety of who I am is trying to do in this life. I could always feel Mary's strength and power with me as I journeyed to these places. She held the container and really witnessed what was happening for me. I felt that it accelerated so much of my own healing and has enabled me to stand more fully in my power, in particular my power as a sexual feminine being which has had dramatic effects on all aspects of myself. I am eternally grateful for the wonderful being that Mary is and for what she has provided me with. My life has been changing at an incredible rate from relationships, daily goals, daily actions and my ability to stand in my own power."
-Meadhbh O Leary Fitzpatrick
I don’t think that it is possible to capture in words, the immense power of Mary’s Cosmic Radiance container.  I stepped into this portal in January and as I sit here and reflect on what the past 5 months have been, I am in awe.  I came into this program knowing full well that I was destined for great things, but I was so bogged down by the heaviness that I carried from my past.  I could see that I had patterns that were keeping me in this constant loop, and although I was doing the work of growing and evolving on my own, it felt as though I was doing so at a snail’s pace.  I knew I needed someone who could hold a grounded and supportive container for me.  Someone to shine a light on the deeper issues and help me release old programs so I could get to the truth of who I am and what I am here to do. That  is exactly what this program has provided me with.  I am a little more than halfway through and the shifts have been PROFOUND.  I have shed the stories of my past and have stepped into an expanded space of power, a space of knowing, and a space of soul remembrance.  Mary is a true Priestess.  She holds space in such a gentle, yet powerful, way and walks the journey right beside you.  Every session has been fine tuned to my experience, and I believe that is what makes them so impactful. She is such a clear channel of truth and love, that healing happens at a core level.  I have grown so much in the past five months and I know this is just the beginning.  Thank you Mary, from the depths of my soul, for bringing this work into my life. I am forever grateful for you!"
- Mary Ann Krajna
"Mary has been such an amazing coach there just aren’t enough words!! Inner work isn’t always easy or glamorous. It’s messy. It’s hard. Having a beautiful and wise coach really helps to propel you forward. She asks the hard questions. She pokes the bear. She holds you accountable. All while holding space for you to be authentic and raw and fall apart and pick yourself back up and grow. What I love about Mary is that she does all this and does her own inner work and growth too. She doesn’t expect anything from you that she doesn’t expect from herself. It really helps to have a coach that continues do grow and heal and learn new tools.
If you’re looking for someone to help you in your journey, Mary is so absolutely recommended. I feel completely blessed to have worked with her and look forward to what our future will hold for us both."
-Brandie Bates

Free Classes

The Bold &The Embodied

A free masterclass to support you in leading yourself through the resistance that naturally comes up as a soulpreneur so you can embody the level of leadership required to deliver your best soul service to your clients. Spirit meets Strategy in this masterclass + a juicy bonus of a high quality mp3 guided embodiment practice to integrate these teachings into the body. Click here for instant access.

You Are a Sensation (1)
A FREE masterclass teaching you how to become a bomb as F manifester through your sensuality!
This is super fun & sexy & will totally invite you deeper into your body, your senses, and receiving through your MAGNETISM so that you can be an even more powerful manifester.
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Copy of Copy of You Are a Sensation

A free livestream in which I am riffing out on how to harness the ebbs & flows of your feminine nature to powerfully create more abundance, content & clients!

This will help you tap into your overflow like the fizz of the champagne bottle!

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Let Your Inner Queen Take the REIGNS

This class will ACTIVATE YOUR POWER & Self Belief to a whole new level!

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