Hi beautiful soul, I'm Mary!


I am an empowerment & transformation coach for female entrepreneurs! I am the queen of casting spells over my clients to dazzle them into being SOul lit on their power that they know on every cell of their being just how magical they are.

I am an activator to shift YOU from doubt to POWERHOUSE.

I mentor women who have an expansive dream but struggle with the belief in themselves & the Universe to make it happen…because I’ve walked through it all myself.

Through energy healing, mindset shifts, subconscious reprogramming, & tangible grounded physical action steps, I hold you at the frequency of your highest vision while walking you through the human stuffs until you can calibrate into and hold the frequency on your own.

Your entire experience begins to come alive as aspects of your soul that hasn’t felt safe to show itself begin to sparkle and exude from you.

You shift from doubt and resistance to confidence and aligned in your business, partnerships and how you walk through your world.

In my work I practice intuitive coaching, Holy Fire Reiki®,  neuro-linguistic programming, timeline clearing, and other channelled and intuitive modalities, but this is all just a fancy way of saying I work directly with God, and go where we need to go to get you where you want to be.

I hold my clients in their highest vision until their frequency's acclimate to that, while creating safety and support for the human OMG's & WTF's to process through.

My work is an extension of my soul. It's a pathway that has been divinely orchestrated by God so that I can be of service to support the greater vision of assisting others to walk home to themSelves and their remembrance of just how powerful they are. I am here for the liberation of all beings.

The richness of my work blooms out of the fertile soil of the composted old identities of Self.

I have liberated myself from PTSD, sexual trauma, low self worth, abusive & narcissistic relationships, depression and crippling anxiety into being SOul lit on the reality I have cocreated with God.

From a soul sucking 9-5 job not knowing wtf I was going to do with my life, to building a soul aligned business of my dreams that's provided me the freedom of time & location.

From never being on a plane at 23 to travelling the world and living in 2 foreign countries by age 28.

From unhealthy patterns with men to married to my soulmate.

From being completely shut down from energy/a higher power and loudly exuding the damsel in distress mentality, to waking the F up and remembering who I am at a Soul level, & becoming the Queen of cocreation.

Born & raised in the Alberta prairies in a sheltered farm family, I rebelled hard from my country roots when we sold our farm and moved to the "big" city of Medicine Hat, Alberta.

By the time I was 16 I had moved out to live the rock & roll lifestyle with a much older guy that was no good for me, beginning the path that would mould me into who I am today.

I thank that younger version of myself for her courage, even though she was self-destructive, she was beginning to break free of the playing it safe mentality.

My life took another massive pivotal turn at 23. At that point I was trying to fit myself in the classic Alberta mould: in a long term relationship with a guy that worked long weeks away on the rigs, with a joint mortgage, up to our ears in debt for the fancy vehicles on our driveway and a nice white picket fence. I worked at a bank but was building a side hustle in hopes to break free of working for somebody else.

I was trying to play it safe out of shame for my past, but my soul was dying to get out, rebelling in other ways through the form of rock concerts, tattoos, and building my online biz.

I got on my first ever plane at 23 and flew to Nashville Tennessee for a work conference. I came home with stars in my eyes, my mind opened wide, and a new found thirst for something so much bigger than me.

I walked away from the mortgage and the relationship who I knew deep down I had outgrown. Turns out, I dodged a bullet there. Thank you intuition.

My dog, Lyla, who I had since toxic relationship #1, and I moved back in with my parents who I hadn't lived with since I was 16. I started to travel the world, continuing to build my online business and in a deep plunge into self-discovery.

My world was demolishing around me as my soul was coming alive on new lands, experiences and thrills.

& then there he was. The world stood still when I met him on a tour bus in Cuba. A man with an Irish accent, who roamed foreign lands, spoke many languages, with a similar entrepreneurial mindset as me.

Drunk on Cuban sun, moonlit skinny dips, and local rum, our worlds collided. After several steamy nights together, I flew back home to Canada, and he flew back to his home in Austria. I knew my life had just altered course.

Our long distance love affair began. The Atlantic Ocean couldn't keep us apart, with flights back and forth every few months. It was quite an expensive courting process haha.

He asked me to be his forever in Paris, my dog and I moved across the world to be with him the following spring, we wed in Spain, and we roamed many lands with each other while building our businesses and our life together.

When the pandemic hit I begged him to bring me home to his homeland of Ireland. I wanted to be around his family and friends.

I wanted to live by the ocean in a country that I spoke the language. I was ready to drop roots and be around community that he had spent his entire life building, even from abroad.

In August 2021, we left Austria and made the journey across Europe via car, as I didn't dare putting my ol' doggy girl Lyla in a plane again.

Ireland welcomed us home with open arms, a soft mossy landing, ancient trees, salty beaches, and lush country sides.

& to my unexpected surprise, I reconnected to the little girl within me that loved farm life and horses, a part of me that I had shut off from when we left the farm when I was a teenager.

Since landing in Ireland, everything has quantum expanded. My Connection to God. To Self. To my husband. To my intuition. My healing gifts. To Love. To abundance. To joy. To my creative powers.

Our businesses have quantum leaped. All of the inner work, subconscious reprogramming, energy  healing, mindset shifts, big power moves, investments, and uplevels in how I see myself, and conversations with God has come to fruition into our dream life.

We are living our dreams. & the vision that's been planted on my heart is to help others do the same.

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