About: So Much More Than Salty Hair

So ya found me did ya?! In case you didn’t know, hi! I’m Mary! I’m a free spirited wandering gypsy soul, aspiring writer, spiritual gangster, and happiness life coach for the caged free spirits. I love to travel, hang out with my dog Lyla, chase sunsets with her, drink coffee, dance every damn day, do yoga under the moon, hold my crystals, meditate, go to rock concerts, meet new people, and especially spend time in the ocean.

I wasn’t always this way. In fact, I went from being a heavy partier feeling trapped in a 3 year abusive relationship to CEO of my own company in a matter of 2 years. At 16 I had rebelled hard against all of the rules that was set out for me and my future, which lead to 3 years of sloppy self destruction. I kicked the ex to the curb, embraced my drug sobriety and started picking up the pieces of the mess I had created of my life. I ended up stepping back into “the box” that I felt that I needed to be in to “have my shit together.” I landed myself a corporate 9-5 office job. I was living the white picket fence lifestyle with my dog, the house, the career, the partner. Still feeling as if something was missing, I branched off into online health and fitness coaching because I started to make changes in my own lifestyle by adding clean eating and workouts into it. This evidently lead me to losing 30 lbs and gaining so much confidence from it. I started to help other women do the same.

I enjoyed being my own boss, living my life on my own terms, covering my body in ink without worrying about corporate approval, and working with my dog snuggled at my feet. July 2016 I hopped on my first ever plane ride to go down to Nashville for a fitness/business convention. While on this trip, I tapped into a different side of me. I was experiencing my free spirit to the fullest without holding back for the first time ever.

The reason why I love travelling so much is because it snaps you out of your state and provides you clarity about your life. It even brings to surface layers of your subconscious that you didn’t know existed. You learn so much about yourself every time you leave your normal environment.

I came home, set my white picket fence on fire, put my dog in my SUV and peaced out on a long term relationship. On my trip I had realised I was living a life that didn’t fulfill me, I was in a dead end relationship that was surface level. I craved soul to soul connection, passion, travel, wandering, and being me without attachments or commitments. I set my life on fire and walked away from it without looking back. I completely restructured my life by embracing minimalism in order to be able to travel often. I have been to Vegas, Mexico, Cuba, Dominican, Austria, Germany, England, Ireland, New Orleans, explored my province Alberta with it’s beautiful Rocky Mountains and gorgeous emerald lakes,¬† Paris, Brighton Pier, Vienna, Munich, and Salzburg again all within a year and a few months. In fact, I’m going to be moving from Canada to Austria to be with my fianc√© over there May 1st of this year.

In that season of transition of learning how to break free from “the box”, I hired my own life coach to help me work through sabotaging patterns with myself and in relationships. The massive amount of internal work and healing that I did in that time is what lead me to my calling. I realised that I wanted to help other caged free spirits unlock themselves from the bars of their life circumstances in order to find their happiness.

The exciting part is that I don’t know where I am going, I don’t have a plan, but what I do know is it involves lots of addresses, passport stamps, and continue pursuing what sets my soul on fire.

Want to know what it looks like to work with me? The first deep dive session is on me!

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