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Hey babe, I'm Mary!

I'm a women's transformation coach, world wanderer, and a PTSD warrior following everything that nourishes my soul and feminine being. I thrive on empowering women to look within themselves and push past barriers that have been holding them back from living lives that truly turn their souls on. It’s my mission to ignite self-love and confidence in women all while harmonizing the beautiful dance of the feminine energy with their masculine energy. 

How did I get here? 
I spent most of life being lost, drowning in low self-worth and seeking for validation outside of me. Whether it was drugs, meaningless sex, shitty relationships, alcohol, I was getting my sense of worth from sources outside of me and running from facing what was really going on within me.

I got myself cleaned up from drug addictions (holla 8 years sober!), left the abusive relationship, only to jump into another long-term relationship with a narcissist. I put up with a lot of shit from both relationships because I didn’t feel like I deserved more or better. I began to dip my toes into the personal development which snowballed into my spiritual awakening. I was leveling fast and outgrowing my partner, my friends, and my entire life circumstances.

I craved MORE. 

Strong is the new Sexy

I hopped on my first ever plane ride when I was 23, merely 2 years ago, and my perception expanded so fast that I came home and left the relationship that was going nowhere and wasn’t serving my soul on any level, I ditched the mortgage and went full minimalist to travel the world.

I did everything that the spirit junkie does. I had a life coach, I was immersed fully in all the podcasts, books, crystals and meditation. I was all about learning about the subconscious realm, clearing limiting beliefs and everything woo right down to dancing naked under the moon with a smudge stick. I was fully free-spirited, embodying my feminine energy which I had never been in tune with. I had spent most of my life so overdriven in the masculine, all work and no play, and being damaged in my feminine creating a people pleasing mentality, which ultimately is why I kept attracting abusive men into my life that needed mothering. I was on a plane every month going somewhere new, thriving in pure wanderlust, and I ended up meeting my Irishman soul mate, my masculine energy polar match to my feminine, in Cuba.

Just when I was getting everything together, about to launch a life coaching business, halfway through a 6-month stint of traveling, a brand new relationship that was actually healthy for a change and had hot chemistry, the unthinkable happened. A friend and I were staying at a resort in the Dominican Republic, and we became targets for a sophisticated prostitution ring that Management and Security were operating out of the resort. We barely made it out.

We got to come home, but we came home as very different people. I was shortly after diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Anxiety, and Depression. I spent the better part of 6 months wading through the thick fog of disconnection, triggers, and mourning the loss of the free-spirited person I used to be.


Talk therapy wasn’t helping me which is when I took matters into my own hands. I began to heal myself by focusing on healing my masculine and feminine energies. I got into hypnotherapy and NLP techniques to release the energetic charges around the trauma that was holding its grips on me. I was like the chrysalis, emerging into a new level leader and feminine being after months of being asleep. I felt like I was finally rising from the ashes and stepping into a whole new level of "Goddess".

Fast forward half a year and my dog and I left the wild prairies of Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada to join my fiancé in the rolling green hills and castles of Salzburg, Austria where we now call home. Today I am working with such beautiful souled women who along the journey of life have lost parts of themselves to shitty relationships and traumas. These women have shut themselves off from receiving love from others and most importantly, from themselves. Through energy clearing (hypnotherapy and neuro-linguistic programming), intuitive practices, harmonizing masculine and feminine energies, these women are massively upleveling their self-love game, igniting their feminine fire and awakening into glowing, radiant, confident goddesses.

Want to see how I can help you?

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