Hey luminous one, I'm Mary!


I am a soul alignment coach, activator, healer, an intuitive and host of the Soul Illuminated Podcast! I help mystical women be powerful, grounded and in alignment with their soul's desires as they share their magic with the world. I empower my clients to shift out of limited lensing viewing, to viewing their experience through their expansive higher selves' lensing.

In my work I practice Holy Fire Reiki®, multidimensional galactic healing, neuro-linguistic programming, timeline clearing, and other channelled and intuitive modalities, but this is all just a fancy way of saying I work directly with God, and go where we need to go to get you where you want to be.

I hold my clients in their highest vision until their frequency's acclimate to that.

In my own personal journey I have overcome sexual trauma, anxiety, depression, PTSD and low self worth, to reclaim my power, recognize my worth, access my intuitive and healing gifts, & create a soul aligned business.

I recognize that all of the death and rebirth cycles I have been through (Scorpio sun here) has all been a pathway to me remembering the Divine Spark within me, deepening my relationship with God and COcreating a flourishing reality.

I now support other women to uncover their own unique soul's essence beneath all of the stories, doubts, blocks & limiting beliefs, so they can create a life truly reflecting their soul's desires.

I am a dog mom, a wife and a world traveller. I'm a Canadian currently living in Austria with a move to Ireland on the horizon.
Fate brought my soulmate into my world when I hopped on a tour bus in Cuba. Drunk on salty air and the Caribbean sun (and maybe a bit of rum... let's be honest!), a charming Irishman swept me off my feet.
After a year and a half of having an ocean in between our love and a proposal under the Eiffel Tower, I put my dog on a plane and moved away from the Albertan prairies to the lush mountains in Austria to join him in the place that he has called home for the last 10 years.
We got married surrounded by our friends and family from 8 different countries, palm trees and sangria in Spain next to the ocean. 
Outside of my spiritual based business, and hanging out in other dimensions, I love to travel, have luxurious baths, indulge in sensuality, watch the sunset, be in the forest, swim in the ocean, practice my ukulele, bake, hang out with my husband and my dog, & spend time under the stars in front of a fire with a glass of red wine in my hand. 
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