Mary J Wright

Hi beautiful soul, I'm Mary!


I'm a Boss Witch Mentor, supporting Spirit led entrepreneurs with embodying their bad b!tch selves in business, liberating their self expression through content that translates their magic into their money making message, and amplifying their voice + online presence so their work flourishes with JOY & right fit clients.

In my work I practice intuitive coaching, my own channelled signature modalitues L I B E R A T O R Energy work & the Root System Method for subconscious reprogramming, & customized embodiment practices so you can regulate your nervous system & expand your capacity to hold more of YOU, your magic, message & money.

My work is an extension of my soul. It's a pathway that has been divinely orchestrated so that I can support other women in walking home to themSelves & being their fully embodied, liberated, expressed selves, on purpose & mission.

My story is long & colourful enough now to be the pages of a book.

From being a teenage runaway living in this world as an adult since I was 16 to following my intuition & moving across the world for love with my dog when I was 25.

The richness of my work blooms out of the fertile soil of the composted old identities of Self.

From a soul sucking 9-5 job not knowing wtf I was going to do with my life, to building a soul aligned business of my dreams that's provided me the freedom of time, location & pays me better than any job I've ever had.

From low self worth, tongue tied, feeling invisible & not wanting to take up space, to confident, radiant, sensual and and boldly sharing my authentic expression with the world.

I went from not feeling safe to speak at the dinner table growing up to being asked to speak on summits & podcast interviews.

From never being on a plane at 23 to travelling the world and living in 2 foreign countries (Austria & Ireland) by age 28.

From unhealthy patterns & relationships with men to married to my soulmate. My Irishman I met while on vacation in Cuba who I moved across the world for.

From being completely shut down from my own personal connection to Self & God to unifying with my highest self & becoming a masterful creator of my dream reality.

I was born & raised as a cowgirl on a farm in the Alberta, Canada prairies.  I now live in the lush countryside of Ireland with my husband and our 13 year old dog Lyla who I've had since I was 17.

Since moving to Ireland, I have returned to my cowgirl roots, as we are currently shopping for a homestead where the next stage of life will be babies, farm animals, gardening & a more self sustainable way of life.

I love horseback riding, sunsets, plant medicine, baking, dancing, twinkly lights, swimming in the ocean, country music, all things nature, fires under the stars, taking in the sunsets, frolicking on wild fairy lands, coastal Sunday drives, and indulging in my sensuality.

My husband is also a self made entrepreneur and so we have the joy of running our businesses alongside each other from home.

We are living the life I once filled my journal pages dreaming about.
My mornings are spacious, spent in self nourishment, journaling, breathwork, cold plunges, embodiment flows and being out in sun.

My afternoons are filled with serving clients that are an absolute delight to work with.

I also LOVE being in my creative flow, sprinkling gold nuggets on my social media for online soul pod.

& come evening I am frolicking in the wild flower fields or along rugged Irish coastlines at sunset with my hubby & dog.

Mary J Wright

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