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Welcome To My Vortex...

Hey luminous one, I'm Mary!

I am an ancient soul, an ascension guide & grid keeper, host of the Sacred Sisterhood Podcast, and an intuitive, coaching mystical women on how to work through their own energetic muck of fears, self doubt, limiting beliefs, traumas and worthiness wounds while embodying their higher selves to create the internal energetic container of a fierce woman woke in her power and divine birthrights to allow them to radiate their gifts & magic into the world.

In my work I practice cosmic shamanic healing as well as intuitive techniques specializing in Neuro-linguistic programming, timeline therapy,  hypnotherapy and other channeled modalities. My own personal evolution of overcoming traumas, anxiety, depression, & PTSD to accessing my own spiritual gifts  created the perfect foundation for me to dive into self mastery of different healing modalities for deep transformation and reclamation of personal power and sacred feminine fire.

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What clients are saying...:

Mary is so freaking incredible!! If you are thinking about doing a program with her, DO IT. Mary inspired the beginning of my spiritual journey and I can confidently say I would not be the person I am now without her help on my journey! Through our 90 day program we worked through many subconscious issues I didn't even realize I was carrying around as baggage, and as a result of the program I am so much happier, fulfilled, and just at peace with myself and my life. I honestly didn't think this level of bliss was possible. Mary gave me so much through all of this, and even beyond the program she continues to be such an inspiration and role model to me. She didn't just aid me through my journey, she also gave me the tools necessary to continue doing spiritual work on my own as well. Mary is a wonderful human and I highly recommend her for your spiritual needs and transformation 

- Samantha N.

Everything. The experience was incredible and we tackled a HUGE trigger in my life that I didn't realize had such a toll until it came out. Mary helped me actually change the way I viewed memories which is hard to even explain but it made such an amazing impact on just everyday life, my confidence and just being me. I have seen multiple counselors which all left me feeling kind of drained but "hey this is what I have to do", and I never seemed to get any answers. Mary dug deep down to release the tension that was causing this negative energy, I cannot wait to do another session.

- Lauren F.


I met Mary in person a couple months ago but have always followed her on social media!!! We have recently started doing recoding sessions to assist in releasing my limiting beliefs that I held onto for far too long, this woman is an incredible force of unconditional love and acceptance of who each individual soul is! Tailoring exactly what you need for the most amazing experience!! She listens with an open heart and shares in your joy and successes with encouragement and joy! If you are looking for a bright shinning light to help guide you on your path of self discovery and self love mary is your girl!! She brings a special spunky flow and vibe to every session and I just adore this woman!! I feel so blessed to have found this gem of a soul and be able to share in an incredible experience of diving deep into what has held me back from reaching my successes!! Having been in and out of counselling over many years nothing compares to the growth and expansion I have experienced within myself in just 2 sessions with Mary!!! Love this woman and your soul is in divine hands and spirit when with this girl!

- Stefanie C.

2020 is the year that lightworkers/mystics are called to the frontlines.


For thousands of years, we had to dim our light for our own safety, practicing and healing in secrecy, for fear that we would be persecuted.
In most recent years, though we will not be burned at stake for our gifts and magic, the fear of persecution that we have held in our bones is still very much alive, manifesting in the fear that we will be judged and not accepted.
So many healers, mystics, and light/shadow workers have held themselves back from stepping into the totality that they are because they still do not feel safe to be seen and heard.
“What will my family think of me?”
“What will my friends from highschool think?”
This Earthly plane is very dense and has proved to be quite painful in the past, so it’s easier for one to be in their higher chakras floating through the cosmos than feel really rooted in this physical plane.
Our relationship to Momma Gaia and daily grounding into her is vital for assisting those of us who tend to be in our upper chakras in feeling safe in our bodies and in our lower 3 chakras.
& with that safety, comes the confidence to press post on that social media post, to hit submit with that article you channeled, to finally start to advertising your healing services, and actually begin to command your Universe with your sovereignty.
You also have to be really in check with yourself with what the underlying driver is behind the actions you are taking.
Are you trying to escape your body through cannabis and alcohol?
Or are you trying to mindlessly ground into your body with processed foods and caffeine?
As unsexy as it sounds, you have to parent yourself.
2020 is really about us becoming energetic masters, and though we love to blast our 3rd eye and crown chakra open to dance with the Archangels and telecommunicate with higher dimensional beings, we need to be grounded in the physical in order to see the material manifestations that come along to support us in the work we are called to do.
We are going through a global awakening, and we all made agreements in the cosmos of what role we are going to play in assisting the matrix with such.
You lived many lifetimes, experiencing the rath, as well as being the dealer of the rath (we all have had lives of being an asshole, don’t delude yourself), in order to prepare you for THIS life.
You are being called forward, to anchor more light into the grid, to assist Momma Gaia, to assist humanity and you will be met with infinite support to help you in what you are here to do.
We are our higher selves, our God-selves has fully merged in, and depending on where one is on their journey, the full realization of their sovereignty is what will give them the keys of self-mastery.
It’s an honour to walk alongside all of you, way-showers, light raisers &, starseeds.


Allow yourself to step forward, in the full totality that you are.