Welcome To My Vortex...

Hi, I'm Mary!

I'm a prairie born Canadian living abroad in Ireland with my husband & dog. I'm a self expression guide, soul embodiment coach & boss witch mentor for Spirit led entrepreneurs. I help my clients open their bold content channel, amplify their Big Witch Voice, juice up their online presence, & translate their magic into their money making message so their biz goes BOOM.

I love dancing as a form of connecting in with Self & Spirit, fine whiskey & red wine, plant medicine, country music, taking in the sunset, homesteading, horseback riding, swimming in the ocean, communing with nature, indulging in my sensuality, baking and being of high service.


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What clients are saying...:

Hey listen, I was tired of my own voice echoing into the expanse of the social media world when I met Mary J. Wright. Her wee bit of spiciness and realness sucked me right into her lively content and I thought, "I am kinda spicy too but I leave it out of most of my content...why do I do that?" I also loved that we are both on the expat journey in Ireland so this is someone who will "get me" and the challenges that I believed I faced as an expat working online in the financial sector in the US while living abroad. I wanted to hire her right away! When I did, the timing was perfect as I was about to have my first ever launch and BOY OH BOY that was A LOT and there is no way I would have held that energy without her help. Girl held me together through a January launch (timing couldn't have been more odd) and people ACTUALLY signed up! If you have something you are dying to flesh out and need the support of someone who gets it and can hold you through such a thing, Mary is your girl. I would not have started building what I am building now without her help. She will help you find your voice in your content and feel so much more yourself.
-Diana McLaughlin
I was growing through one of the most transformational times in my life when I hired Mary for support. Her medicine was exactly what my soul needed! I am trusting myself in my businesses in such a more deep and aligned way! I let myself be me! Mary created some of the greatest customized soul aligned embodiment practices for me to release stored up emotions on the spot. I’m literally a different person! I have shifted and I am coming from a completely different place! More efficient with my time and I do it my way! I feel more abundant that I ever have! Thank you so much!!!
-Casey Hendon
Mary has been such an amazing coach there just aren’t enough words!! Inner work isn’t always easy or glamorous. It’s messy. It’s hard. Having a beautiful and wise coach really helps to propel you forward. She asks the hard questions. She pokes the bear. She holds you accountable. All while holding space for you to be authentic and raw and fall apart and pick yourself back up and grow. What I love about Mary is that she does all this and does her own inner work and growth too. She doesn’t expect anything from you that she doesn’t expect from herself. It really helps to have a coach that continues do grow and heal and learn new tools.
If you’re looking for someone to help you in your journey, Mary is so absolutely recommended. I feel completely blessed to have worked with her and look forward to what our future will hold for us both.
-Brandie Bates