The Witch Wound – the wound that all healers/light workers/starseeds/wayshowers have to be initiated in healing and transcending. It’s a wound that is carried within our blood, within our bones, within our DNA, from lives where it was unsafe for us to be in our full magic.

We were raped, tortured, burned and slaughtered for intuitive knowings, for having a thriving garden, for working with herbs, for midwifery, for beautiful art that we created, or just for simply being a widow or having a disability. The number runs around 9 million people, mostly women, who were innocently killed in the witchhunt days worldwide.

It was a time where women had to hide their true innate nature of feeling so closely connected with the natural world.

It was a time where we had to heal in secrecy, for fear of our neighbour, our sister, our lover turning on us and handing us over to be persecuted.

The deep mistrust that is carried within women (and humanity in general) dates back to these days where the closest of our friends and family were the ones that betrayed us in order to save themselves.

With the global awakening of the planet right now many are feeling the call to begin to step out of the broom closet, and to bring their healing magic, art, and gifts out into the world.

Yet laced with that call is an elixer of fear, self doubt, and questioning one’s greatness and power.

The greatest initiation we all have to walk through when we are ready to launch our business, or start bringing our art into the world, is to unravel and heal these wounds that we have been carried for centuries.

It is safe now for us to radiate our brilliance, to be paid for our work, to heal those that need our medicine, and yet, our greatest fear is to step into our power and believe in who we are.

We are afraid our family will judge us and disown us.
We are afraid we will lose all of our friends.
We are afraid we aren’t good enough.
We are afraid we can’t possibly support ourselves with our work.

And yet, once we unpack all of those fears and surrender into the infinite stream of love and support that is available to us, allowing our higher aspects to guide and lead the way, we become forces to be reckoned with.

We become the fire that we once feared.
We merge all of our past and future timelines together and stand in our complete akasha record of wisdom, knowledge, medicine, art, songs, and power.

In honour of Samhain, the Witches New Year, and our ancestors who gave their lives so that one day we could do the work we are here to do in this world freely, we must stand IN and stand FOR all of the power that we hold within us.

There are thousands standing behind us and beside us, supporting us, reminding us, of who we truly are and what we are here to do.
You can hear it in the wind.
You can feel it in the pulse of the trees.

The time of playing small is over now, it’s no longer about you.
It’s about awakening the ancient codes on the planet so that we can all live in harmony again.

Halloween was born from Samhain (pronounced sow-en, which is Irish Gaelic for Summer’s End). Samhain is an ancient Celtic fire festival celebrating the final harvest and honouring passed on loved ones/ancestors that begins the evening of October 31st and ends the evening of November 1st. It is said that the veil between the material world and the spirit world is believed to be the thinnest at this time, making it a remarkably magical time to communicate with those in the spirit world.

Feasts and bonfires are had and plates are always set at the table for passed on loved ones.

Gratitude is given to Earth for her fruitful & final harvest, and preparation takes place to prepare for the descent into winter’s time of stillness.

For those that lost loved ones within this past year, one can communicate easily with them and to say final goodbyes and to help them pass over to the otherside.

Samhain is also known as the Witches New Year as the Wheel of the Year turns, the fields lay fallow and soon are blanketed by snow, coming to stillness to prepare for another season of fertility.

It is a time to do much work behind the veil as the darkness of the night envelops us, to release and clear what we need to clear, and to energetically recharge in the mysteries before we are rebirthed.

The cycle of death and rebirth is the natural way of Earth and her inhabitants.

You can honour this mysterious time of year by leaving an offering to your ancestors and passed on loved ones on your altar: milk, bread, honey, wine, tea or something else you know will be appreciated by them.

Give your gratitude to the Spirits that walk with you and your gratitude to Momma Earth for all that she does for us.

Spend some time reflecting on everything you released and become this past year.

Take note of your own deaths and rebirths you experienced this past year.

Write out your intentions for the year to come.

Have a bonfire and burn that which you desire to let go of.

Light a candle for your ancestors and decorate your altar with leaves, nuts, and root vegetables.

Find yourself some branches & sticks to make a homemade broom and place it by your door, signifying protection and clearing out old energies.

Do a Year to Come spread with your Tarot deck.

And finally, get quiet, and listen to what your ancestors & spirits have to say.

This is a magical time of mystery, take a few steps out of the material world and immerse yourself with the energetic world.

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