It is totally normal to be feeling unexplainable anxiety right now. Every single day we are integrating light codes that is pouring down on Earth from the very active solar activity, AND, we are adjusting to Mother Earth’s increase in frequency (check the skyrocketing Schumann Resonance). Not to mention that this time of year the veil between material world and spirit world is really thin, adding in extra energies that we are feeling.

Our nervous systems are overstimulated right now which is causing all sorts of ascension symptoms like popping/leaking/ringing ears, body sensitivity, intense fatigue, bouts of hyperactivity, headaches, nausea, dizziness, anxiety, and overall sense of impending doom to name a few.

Your body has never gone through what you are currently going through right now. Our entire systems are being recalibrated: digestive systems, chakra portals, the codes that our blood carries and so forth.

Remind your body that it is safe for her to hold more light because ultimately that is what she is doing: she is increasing in frequency which is transmuting the denser energies you hold within you.

Hydrate, eat high vibrational foods (eat for a LIGHT BODY), meditate, and be in nature.

If there is snow on the ground where you are so you can’t put your bare feet onto the Earth, put your hands on a tree and ask her permission to connect with the consciousness of the tree and to recycle energy with her.

Once you have received consent, pour your love into her (after all, the hands are an extension of the heart) and she will naturally give you a backflow of energy as well.

As you connect deeper with her, you can then surrender your anxieties and heavier energies to her, and she will, in turn, fill you with her healing energy.

Make sure you give gratitude once you feel complete. I find that saying outloud, “shhhhh” as I do this, is very calming for my nervous system and for the tree.

Nature is your medicine.

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