What consciousness are you operating as/creating from?

Operating from a contracted, fear based, questioning-your-power place will only continue to attract situations, energies, and experiences that feed into that contracted place.

We are multidimensional beings, meaning there’s a badass powerful as F goddess boss queen witch version of yourself out there who is birthing beautiful realities with an infinite stream of creativity and feminine pleasure codes.

Yeah, read that again and let that land.

So no matter where you are in your journey and level of consciousness, you can tap in and access that frequency at any point because it exists within YOU.

The more often you connect & the longer you hold that frequency throughout the day the more anchored in that becomes in your being which soon will begin to drastically quantum upgrade your external reality.

Actually sit down and connect with this version of you and get curious about what areas of your life you would like to see this abundant fierce pleasure powerhouse make shifts in.

AND, be willing to surrender through the process and let go of that which is not in alignment with this highest version of yourself because in order for new life to grow the fire must burn through first.

The rest of 2019 is all about Goddess Kali burning away what can no longer go on for us to have the consciousness to carry out what we are here to do in 2020.

Photo from my New Moon ceremony today in my most favourite sacred place.

Happy New Moon in Virgo starseeds!

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