Just let go.

We cannot be birthing the heaven on earth grid if we don’t allow what’s trying to birth through us to TRULY birth through us.

We cannot be pushing and forcing ourselves to create content when we feel dried up and exhausted. Every time you force yourself to get on social media to create something because you have to for fear of the algorithm smackdown, you play into the slavery grid that’s been operating us for thousands of years. This slavery contract is not something we want to bring into our future.

The New Earth reality is one of unity consciousness, meaning, the union between the divine masculine and divine feminine energies, AND, humans operating as one organism on Planet Earth rather than as separate organisms.

In order to bring this into reality, we must be doing our work to heal our relationship with our inner king and inner queen.

Many of us women who have been learning how to operate as divine feminine creators have been spinning out lately with old patterns of our imbalanced king energy coming to surface.

We have been feeling the call to rest, yet creating out of fear that the clients won’t come if we don’t post everyday.

Our bodies are doing so much, many of us have been quite sick and fogged out with ascension symptoms as our bodies have been upgrading and clearing deep trauma patterns.

You are keeping the trauma pattern of slavery alive when you force yourself to “work” when you don’t feel like it.

When you put a post out there that was forced and pushed out because you felt like you had to, you are shutting off your infinite supply from Source. You are showing Source that you don’t trust that you’ll be taken care of.

In the last 2 months I have not been creating much, I have been getting married, working through some intense things in my relationships, and tending to myself and my energy while I have been going through really intense ascension symptoms. My income has tripled the last 3 months.

How? I let go, I allowed myself to be carried, held and loved by the Divine. I did deep inner work to heal my relationship with my inner king so that I could be held as I nurtured myself. I fully surrendered knowing that the most important thing is my energy, and with that, my magnetism will call in those that resonate with my work, which it has.

When I catch myself playing into slavery grids, I let everything go and I do nothing. I literally just. be. Or, I will spend time in candlelight playing around with the pleasure frequency and tending to my inner goddess.

We are divine feminine creators.

We are remembering the ancient way of BEing. Be gentle with yourself sweet one. The deeper you go in connecting with your inner goddess frequency, the more inspired you become to create.

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