Oh sweet sister, you’re coming alive.
You once thought the wild was to be sought outside of you,
but now you know the wild is something pulsing within you.
You no longer are tied down by the chains of what they told you you needed to be,
You no longer have to carry what’s not yours.
Your liberation and self-reverence ripples through the quantum fabric,
Birthing new realities as you expand your capacity to hold pleasure & joy.
Your cells ignite with the sweet nectar of the divine feminine,
As the serpent uncoils and spirals herself in a sensual dance,
Swirling up the crystalline structure of your spine,
Waking the stardust in your bones.
The power of your lion meets the grace and softness of your lioness,
Colliding in sacred union, inner marriage.
Allowing your inner warrior to hold your goddess as she expands into the infinite possibility of all that she is.

Photo credit: Inés Montufo


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