Many people are finding it difficult to be on Earth right now.

Lightworkers, healers, starseeds, women, humanity has been engulfed in great grief and on top of that, are integrating ascension codes that have been blasting Planet Earth.

There is a noticeable split between New Earth and Old Earth, the heavier Hell on Earth dimension is becoming denser and the lighter Heaven on Earth is becoming more beautiful.

You will notice the gap now between the dimension you are living in and people that are living in fear-based programmed consciousness.

We want to remind you that you are able to jump into any timeline you desire. you do not need to be suffering at such great magnitude.

Clearing your channel daily is important, as well as, choosing what template you desire to play out that day. You can do so by simply meditating and raising your consciousness above the frequency of the grief so that you may look at it from a bird’s eye perspective and choose to feel into something different.

What Earth needs right now is for you to continue to raise your consciousness and vibration to help her heal, you do this by continuing to choose the higher frequencies and be doing your work to release the denser energies to make room for more light.

Do you notice how more people are coming together over the forest fires in the Amazon? Unity consciousness. One consciousness.

The more people that choose unity consciousness, the more powerful that reality becomes to dismantle the darker forces.

Elevate yourselves, rise above the heaviness, do your practices and trust that by you creating your own heaven on earth, you are anchoring in this frequency for the collective.

Though times feel dark right now, everything is exactly as it should be.

The veils and the illusions are dissolving.

Corruption is being exposed, the underbelly is rolling over to have the darkest of the dark be seen and blasted with light.

Come together, come together, elevate together, heal together.

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