Each place has a consciousness – a grid of frequencies storing the onestory {her/history} across all time space dimensions.

When you feel a deep resonance as you drink in the frequencies of this place, there’s a code that is stored in this grid that is activating with you.

Welcome this healing in.
You were called to stillness in this very place for good reason.
Allow yourself to calibrate your frequency to rise into new levels of awareness the deeper you connect with the grid.

Close your eyes and feel how your body feels in this space.
Now feel how the space feels around your body.
Welcome the energies of the light of this consciousness to infuse into your being.
Ask questions.
Thank her.

The goddess keeps calling me back to Hexenloch {German for Witches’ Hole}.

She keeps calling me to bathe in her sacred waters, rich with minerals and salts from the mountain. Waters that carry the wisdom of wild women who have been bathing and purifying here for centuries.

I stopped bringing my dog here so that I can properly meditate by the natural pool carved out by an infinite stream of water pouring through the gorge. I like to sit nude on the rock that the waterfall streams down, allow the pure frequencies to comb through my root and sacral chakra.

When I close my eyes I see witches gathering here, I see a wild woman bathing, I see priestess’s deep in death and rebirth ceremonies, I see a warrior and his queen uniting in the sacred bath.

I attune my frequency to the celestial tone of this sacred womb in the mountain, thousand year old trees towering over me. Oh the stories these trees could share.

Clear as day I hear the goddess’ voice whispering in my ear, “Your channel is clearing here. You are opening worlds here. Come back as often as you can. This is your medicine.”

Find your place.
Go there often, the connection grows deeper the more you visit.
Worship this place.
Bring offerings.
& be open.

The Mother is calling you home, sweet one.

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