I remember years ago when I first started my healing journey and started studying the subconscious mind, I uncovered some of the limiting beliefs that were impacting the way that I perceived the world and relationships, and they were continually keeping me stuck in self sabotaging loops.

I felt like I was a victim to these beliefs and patterns.

Being aware of them wasn't enough for me to break the pattern and release the belief.
I was very much like, "okay great, I have this belief, now what do I do with it to transcend it?"

It wasn't until I discovered Neuro-linguistic programming and learned just how malleable our brains are that I finally found my release and freedom from old patterns and beliefs that were no longer serving me.

In fact, this very healing modality is what gave me the emotional release I was craving after a trauma that had happened in Dominican a couple of years ago. This trauma is what lead me to being diagnosed with PTSD. I struggled for months, feeling disconnected from the free spirited happy person I used to be. I went to a trauma counselor and though I do believe that this is a very important first step of recovery, I felt that I needed more spiritual and energetic help than anything.

The Universe delivered, bringing an opportunity to learn how we can recode our subconscious mind through Neuro-linguistic programming. My first NLP session I felt instant release, the fog and heaviness lifted, and I could feel myself making massive progress in my healing as I energetically and emotionally distanced myself from what happened in the dark side of paradise.

I then continued to apply these NLP techniques to myself to release limiting beliefs such as unworthiness, seeking validation outside of myself, and even to shift my relationship with food. I shifted from the victim of these imprints into the queen witch of my own healing. I knew I had to bring this work into the world to collaborate with women who too were struggling with letting go of traumas, limiting beliefs and even habits like smoking and eating sweets.

I combined NLP with Timeline therapy and hypnotherapy to create Goddess Recoding. Simply put, NLP rewires your brain by creating new neural pathways and changes the way that your brain associates with past events and sticky habits like smoking and food addictions. Combining it with Timeline therapy and hypnotherapy, we can shift the energies that have been stuck in your field that are keeping you stuck in self sabotaging loops from limiting beliefs and begin to encode your being with the vibrational identity of the woman you desire to embody.

It creates space for the positive affirmations that you have been reciting in the mirror to actually integrate and eases resistance for you to begin to take aligned action as the woman that you are rising into.


How can Goddess Recoding help me?

-release sticky habits like smoking, overindulging on foods that you just can't seem to say no to (such as chocolate, chips, candy, pie, etc)
-shift and release energy around past traumas to give you the space, freedom and peace that you are craving
-drop into past memories to pull out the root that created the limiting belief and then encode your being with a new empowering story
-create clarity around the vision that you desire to call into your life and begin to encode your being with the vibration identity of the woman you would have to rise into to bring this manifestation into reality


If you are ready to disrupt your paradigm and begin to birth a new reality, book a session with me here!

Any questions you may have please contact me at coachmaryenns@gmail.com