Is there a bad habit in your life that you just can't seem to shake? Such as smoking. Maybe it's eating the whole brick of cheese when you just wanted one slice for a sandwich. Or how one piece of chocolate turns into the whole bar.

What happens in these situations is that our subconscious mind (which operates us 95% of the time) is holding onto this habit because it's giving you something. Usually, it's a sense of comfort and safety. That's why when you are elbows deep in the chips bag, you are thinking, "I really should stop," but you just can't seem to put the bag away. Your conscious mind wants to give it up, but your subconscious mind has a different story.

This is why I love doing Goddess Recoding sessions with clients. Through NLP techniques, we transform the way your subconscious associates with the habit in order to kick it to the curb. Just one session and your smoking or chocolate habit could be eliminated.

I apply these techniques to other pain points of clients as well.


Through Goddess Recoding we can:

~release the energetic hold that past traumas have on you. When I applied these techniques to my own personal trauma, I immediately stepped into my own power. I felt like I could breathe again and have control over my triggers.

~rewrite the story in moments where limiting beliefs were imprinted. Such as that time you were told that money doesn't grow on trees when you were a child. We change the way that was perceived in order to clear money blocks and open you up for all of the positive affirmations you have been doing to actually integrate.

~kick bad habits like smoking and overindulging on food.

~help you embody the woman you are desiring to be by integrating her into your cells.


If you are ready to take your power back from bad habits, past traumas and shed limiting beliefs,

book a session with me here!