CHANNELED ENERGY REPORT: 12/12/12 PORTAL – December 12th not only is the Full Moon in Gemini at 12:12 am EST, but it also is opening the portal of high frequencies streaming in from the Winter Solstice (Dec 21) and the Solar Eclipse (Dec 26th).

December 12th is a MASSIVE day for humanity. The final ascended template will be installed within our bodies.

We are now anchored in the 5th dimension and are now anchored in these high-frequency templates.

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On a subconscious level, many spiritual/conscious people believe that they have to be at a level of perfection in order for Source to fully support them.

This can show up with thoughts like, “I just have to let go of this one limiting belief and then I will be able to claim my divine inheritance. The flood gates of wealth will pour open!”
“I just have to do another ceremony and my desire will manifest into physical form…”

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It is totally normal to be feeling unexplainable anxiety right now. Every single day we are integrating light codes that is pouring down on Earth from the very active solar activity, AND, we are adjusting to Mother Earth’s increase in frequency (check the skyrocketing Schumann Resonance). Not to mention that this time of year the veil between material world and spirit world is really thin, adding in extra energies that we are feeling.

Our nervous systems are overstimulated right now which is causing all sorts of ascension symptoms like popping/leaking/ringing ears,

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I used to resent my business.

I had craved being a solo entrepreneur for years, and yet, once I finally was one, I began to build up resentment towards it.

I felt guilty for taking a day off or a sick day. I wasn’t taking holidays other than weekends off.

My creativity had dried up.

I felt like I was completely out of alignment and forcing myself every step of the way.

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The Witch Wound – the wound that all healers/light workers/starseeds/wayshowers have to be initiated in healing and transcending. It’s a wound that is carried within our blood, within our bones, within our DNA, from lives where it was unsafe for us to be in our full magic.

We were raped, tortured, burned and slaughtered for intuitive knowings, for having a thriving garden, for working with herbs, for midwifery, for beautiful art that we created,

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Scorpio New Moon is upon us on Monday October 28th @ 4:38 am Central Europe Time OR on Sunday October 27th @ 8:38 pm Mountain Standard Time.

November is going to be a powerfully transformative month, with the portal of 11/11 opening and new streams of consciousness coming through.

We are evolving at accelerated rates. We are leveling up. Our higher minds are merging with our current minds.

The fog is lifting.

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As soon as you release your attachment to what you are seeing in your physical reality in the world of form, and recognize that the REAL world is in the energetic dimensions, everything changes.

Quantum leaps happen.
New channels of wealth open.

Clients flood in.

Your heart’s capacity to hold and radiate love & joy expands.

Your creativity opens up like a tidal wave.

Your ego sits in the backseat with an ice cream cone and your higher self takes over the wheel.

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Every morning I sensually dance to move energy and awaken my shakti energy,

I welcome the divine masculine consciousness to activate in my being so that I may ride my chariot on the highway of feminine flow.

I drop into meditation to unplug myself from the collective consciousness and to plug myself into universal consciousness.

I then choose what template I am going to operate from the day, and I code it with 4 pillars of frequencies to create a juicy expansive grid.

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What feels supportive to you right now in your business?

As we’ve been shifting into the 5D reality and collapsing outdated templates such as slavery consciousness, any aspects of ourselves where we feel we are “forcing” in our business have come to surface for us to face head-on.

This could be in the way you create, the way you hop on Facebook live, or even, the hours that you work.

A few days ago while on an out of this world walk through nature,

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When I was a little girl, I would spend hours in the trees, in the fields, talking to rabbits and dragonflies. I was a wild child, always in nature. I felt more connected to nature than I did people. I was quite shy with people.

At a very young age, I saw a lot of struggle in my parents with their health, I stepped out of childlike wonder with feeling like I had to take care of them (which was never the case,

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