Light warriors, starseeds, you are being called to the frontlines for the mission that you spent many lifetimes preparing for.

Let’s stay in a place of celebration and love as we celebrate the fact that we have done such a superb job of anchoring light into the matrix that it has activated the great awakening of humanity.

Let’s celebrate the fact that we have done such an incredible job of holding our light that it has caused humanity to begin to take an epic leap into a higher vibrational bandwidth.

Just like we’ve been doing our own work of cleansing/loving our shadows, healing and transmuting limiting beliefs and consciousness grids laced with fear within our own energy fields in our ascension, we are now seeing that happen on a collective/global scale.

Humanity is purging the darkness in this very moment, and just like we know in our own personal healing journeys that healing is a rocky ride and can feel chaotic at times, we are seeing that reflected in the physical reality right now as our population goes through the collapsing of the scarcity, poverty, enslavement and fear consciousness grids in order to call in more light into our body as a collective.

We are in a battle between light and dark, the fear propaganda designed to keep the collective in lockdown and afraid to leave their homes, and yet, behind the scenes the greatest takedown of dark forces is underway. And in that downtime humanity is taking, they will experience their greatest aha moments and a quantum leap in awareness.

The light is winning, but the battle is not over yet. We can assist the takedown of these dark forces, of the collapse of systems that have kept people enslaved and in fear, by being the greatest pillar of light we have ever been.

The more of us starseeds/light warriors that hold our center, trusting that this is what we came to Earth for in this lifetime, trusting that we are in the birthing process of something incredible coming, and holding people in their process with unconditional love and understanding, the gentler this transitional period will be.

YES you will feel fear sometimes, yes you will feel your heartbreak for those that are panicked, but it’s up to you to become the MASTER of your mind and energy field by coming back to a place of love and trust, surrendering into the flow and being a pillar of light in these times.

Check on your family.
Check on your friends.
Check on your neighbours.
Make music.
Make art.
Lay on Earth.
Watch the clouds.
Spend time in deep meditation and prayer.
See light coming down through your body and down into the ley lines of Earth.
See light pouring out from your heart blessing the collective with peace, ease, and love.

Now is a great time to master your craft, to study and take online courses, and offer your services for free to health care workers.

The more of us that create the parallel reality of heaven on earth, the stronger the crumble of the dark will be. 

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