Today is Spring Equinox, a time of balance as night and day are equal. A time of fertility and new beginnings. Beneath the chaos that has broken out through humanity, if you take a few deep breaths and tune into the stillness and silence clinging in the air, you will notice the loud and comforting pulse of Mother Nature in her time of rebirth.

Here in Austria, the trees are blossoming, early spring flowers creating colourful dots on the grass that is drawing up nutrients from their roots for another season of abundance. The bees are happy, getting to work for their year ahead, in complete obliviousness as to what humans are currently experiencing.

3 years ago when I visited Venice, the canals ran with filthy waters, there was no bottom in sight. Today, the canals run clear with beautiful turquoise waters that dolphins are now playing in. The swans have also returned to Venice.

As our roads, water channels and air space quiets, Earth is breathing a giant sigh of relief as she is given an opportunity to replenish and rejuvenate, which we can see happening in such a short period of time.

The ozone layer over China is healing and the ecosystem is bouncing back. We are seeing this all around the world.

& though there is a lot of uncertainty in people’s hearts, something really beautiful is happening. People are coming together. Even though we can’t be in crowds or with our friends and vulnerable loved ones, this is the closest I have seen humanity feel in this lifetime.

We are connecting with the neighbours one hasn’t ever spoken to.
We are going to the windows and balcony’s at the same time to cheer and applaud for our healthcare workers.
Music is being made and songs are being sung while neighbours dance within their confined spaces.
Phone calls are being made to family and friends you maybe haven’t spoken to beyond messenger in a while.

For once, all of humanity is stepping forward, faced with the same challenge, and in that, we have found our humanity, compassion, and empathy.

Our hearts have softened and opened and we are remembering what’s important.

We are in the process of simplifying. We are in a process of awakening, of expanding our awareness and reclaiming our sovereignty.

Though this may seem like the end, there’s always a beginning where there’s an end.

I strongly believe this is just the beginning of something incredible being born.

Humanity is making an epic leap in evolution.

As a light warrior, you are being called up to hold your light and anchor in peace into the grid to assist humanity with this transition.

Does this mean you will not feel sadness, fear, and uncertainty? Absolutely not. Love your humanity as you experience those waves, and shift it from fear into love and trust so that what you send back out into the grid is a higher frequency than how it arrived to you.

I encourage any lightworkers/healers to offer your services for free to medical workers, as they are the warriors on the ground who will need support at a totally different level than what we can comprehend right now.

New Earth is being born.

We are seeing the collapse of the systems that were built to keep us in separation, afraid and enslaved.

Systems that are built on this new bandwidth of frequencies that Earth has been shifting into will be put into place to serve the highest good of ALL.

Much love to you all and Ostara blessings to you.

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