Starseeds, lightworkers, light warriors, we are calling you forward. All hands on deck, we need you anchoring light into the grid now more than ever.

We moved into this decade with a deep stir within you, an inner knowing that you were being called up into a whole new level: your life purpose.

You maybe didn’t know what that quite looked like – you just knew that it would be to serve and to work with light.

Your soul chose to incarnate into this lifetime for the time that we are in now.

When things seem like they are all falling apart and coming to an end, your inner knowing is gently reminding you that this is actually the beginning.

The systems that are built on fear, greed, separation and false power are now collapsing in order to make way for the implementation of systems that are support ALL of humanity.

In the near future, we will see things like universal basic income being put into place and our oceans actually being cleaned up! This is a time to actually celebrate that great change is upon us!

Beings of the light are here supporting us in this transition and we must hold our center as we wade through the panic and chaos of the collective.

You lived many lifetimes experiencing such things, tragedy, pandemic, & trauma to prepare you for this very moment.

Whether you know what your gifts are or not, right here right now is your training grounds: to hold a pillar of light within your field of calmness, peace, and trust.

This is your light work.

Your light work is to bless those who you see the terror in their eyes.

Your light work is to have peaceful conversations with loved ones who are feeling much uncertainty right now.

Your light work is to bless the water that we are so grateful to have to pour out of our taps and for every meal that you have on your table right now.

With your intention you can bless and release any fluoride and chemicals in your water, infusing it with the highest frequencies your body needs right now. Ask that the water returns to Earth cleaner than she came and for all humans across the planet to have clean drinking water.

With your intention you can bless and release any chemicals and toxins in your foods, infusing it with the intention for it to be saturated with the nutrients and minerals that your body requires right now.

Many of us will not have access to fresh fruits and vegetables in the coming few weeks, so we will have to eat pasta, rice and canned goods that we know don’t necessarily have very great nutrition.

You can transmute those foods with your intention to supply your body with exactly what it needs right now.

Keep in mind that the more tuned in and tapped into Source we are, the less food we need. We are shifting into light bodies meaning breathing light will sustain our bodies one day. We are well on the way to this.

You may be noticing yourself feeling called to doing water fasts right now – heed that call. I will be doing the same.

Now is the time to become a master of your energy: as humanity takes a slowdown it will give you more space to tune into deeper states of meditations, conscious breathing, yoga/exercise, sitting in silence, connecting with nature, and connecting with loved ones. Now is a great time to make contact with your galactic family as they are here supporting us through the transition.

You will be tested as the matrix is very much in a state of panic right now. It’s important not to allow yourself to be pulled off your center and deeper knowing that something beautiful is being born to help stabilize emotions. Your peace ripples out through the matrix assisting those in your radius with this transition. The more of us anchoring this peace into the grid around the globe, the gentler things will be.

Observe objectively and love your humanity when you feel your heart breaking, fear rising or your eyes weeping: know that you are transmuting energy in the collective and you will shift this fear back into love to send through the grid.

What the media is drip-feeding us about the C virus is very much a distraction from something much larger happening behind the veil. The collective will soon be in the know as the illusions drop and systems begin to restructure. The world is about to be shocked as people of false power’s agendas are revealed and mass arrests of corrupt groups are taking place behind the scene.

Yes the C virus is real, but the media-driven fear that is fuelling the spread has been systematic in order to cause a global halt so that these agendas behind the veil can be taken care of. Nothing is EVER as it seems.

Things are right on plan and right on time.

Something incredibly beautiful is being birthed. We are just in the labour pain process of it all.

Look around you at the people that are coming together.

Don’t mind the people that are operating from a trauma response of hoarding, being rude in line ups, or determined they are going to die if they get it: we are all at different points of our awareness and tuned into different levels of consciousness.

Some people are very addicted to their trauma response and very tied into victim consciousness. Send these people love on their journeys rather than judgment as to where they are at.

Expand your energy into picking up the BEAUTY and POSITIVITY that is happening around us as humanity is reminded what’s important as we take a pause.

You are here for this very moment, whether it be to put your hands on Earth and send energy into the ley lines, to blast people with calming light that boosts their vitality and alleviates their hearts, to be right on the ground floor in the hospitals looking after patients, or to make music on the streets and have those on their balcony’s dancing with joy as communities come together, we all have something we can bring to the table as humanity makes an epic leap in evolution.

We are doing it!!!! Buckle up, kids.

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