The sky here today was beyond this realm.

I’ve always been very connected to the sky, admiring clouds, the stars, and soaking in the fire colours of the sunset. Growing up in the prairies of Canada, on the daily I experienced some of the world’s best sunrises and sunsets, where the flat desolate land created a big skyscape with nothing obstructing your view of the long drawn out dance of the sun rising from and falling down into the horizon.

I have watched the sun set in over 20 countries, and I can say that the sunset’s of the prairies are like no other.

Living here in Austria, though I have learned to love the sunsets here for their own magic, getting a colourful Alberta level sunset is something far and few in between.

Today, I woke up to the most incredible hues of gold bathing the mountains. As the gold faded to blue, the clouds held beautiful textures all morning and afternoon, almost as if I was looking at ripples in the ocean. The energy in the air today is electric, much like that feeling when an electric storm is right overhead.

It was warm today and the breeze held a certain palpable energy. It felt like silk. I watched the dried fallen leaves twirl up and dance in a beautiful symphony with the breeze. There was true magic in the air today.

There were times where it looked like a portal was opening up in the rippled sky, with rainbow colours outlining the break in the clouds, yet there was no rain.

As the sun began to dip below the mountains late this afternoon, once again, the most incredible gold hues spilled across the sky. More shades of rainbow colours accentuated the layers of clouds. My husband even noticed the tinges of rainbow.

Today I felt the Heaven on Earth matrix come alive.

As we approach Yule, or Winter Solstice, the longest night on Saturday, we are feeling that call to turn inwards and find our stillness to honour the rhythm of nature. This is a time to be spent listening, resting, and celebrating the past year of many shifts, transformation, reaping and letting go’s.

This powerful portal of energy that we are in until Solstice that opened on 12/12 is activating our ancient templates, our merkabah, and our DNA.

The best action that you can take right now is no action.

So much work is being done in other realms and by honouring this portal of energy and this Solstice season, you are creating space to integrate this vital piece of your ascension upgrade.

Limit your exposure to technology and just listen.







Enjoy your stillness.

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