The 12/12 portal that remains open until Solstice has me basking in blissful energies. An elixir of pleasure pulsing from my sacral chakra through my entire body, an awakening happening within my cosmic womb, love pouring over me, filling every cell of my being and blasting through my heart to those around me, and feeling my receptor cells tingling with these high frequencies in the atmosphere.

I walked through the forest, realizing that just like the trees hold akasha records, so do our own bodies: our cells, DNA, and bones are the keepers of our stories and wisdom from many lifetimes.

I recognized that the trees and humans are like Earth’s antennas, in which she receives these beautiful pulses of galactic energy. The light codes infiltrate through the leaves and the bark of the branches of the trees, pouring down the trunk, infusing down into the crystalline core of Gaia through the roots.

These light codes travel down our bodies into Earth in similar ways, and when we are not grounded to the healing energy and ascension support that Momma Gaia has for us, as she governs our root chakra, we experience much greater ascension symptoms.

I recognize those in the Northern Hemisphere with brittle temperatures struggle with connecting to nature at this time, but just putting your hands on a tree for a few minutes to recycle your energy with her is enough to ground you. Please ask for permission from the tree before doing so.

We all carry important codes in our cells that Earth is needing right now to assist her in her healing. Taking time to root down and connect with her to offer her these codes is very important with anchoring in this new grid of light.

It is important that we give to Earth more than we take, or at least, equally. Taking the time to bless our food and give our love and gratitude to Earth before we consume, and being mindful of how much we are consuming and where we are consuming from, helps give Earth that boost of love in a time that she needs it most.

I do believe that Earth will heal and we can live in harmony with her. I believe that the light that we are anchoring down on Earth is creating a new consciousness for society to look through, but first, there is much disruption that takes place as the global collective is coming into their awakening and outdated systems begin to dismantle.

The king codes and queen codes are online, the energy of the king is here to protect and provide, the energy of the queen is here to heal and create. Both energies are equally important in the role that they are playing in creating the New Earth matrix. Their unification is what is birthing this new reality.

We are all playing an important role in anchoring light into the matrix. Do not discount the importance and the power of holding your own sovereign consciousness when being met with the resistance and duality of those at the beginning WTF stages of their awakening. We all remember that time of chaos we went through in our initial awakening.

You can give unattached compassion, not allowing their frequency to dip yours, but do not take shit. Have very strong energetic boundaries. Their journey is their own, and unless asked for, do not offer your guidance. They can only receive what they are ready for and just by them being in your energy field there will be shifts happening within their consciousness.

AND there is a war happening in the astral realm right now. If you’ve had an interaction with someone that one may deem negative, make sure you cut cords to this person across all time-space dimensions and realms. You may have set a boundary in the material realm, but that person can still fuck with you in the astral realm by coming into your dreams or attacking you in the astral plane. Clear cancel delete across all time-space dimensions and thank your higher self for being the gatekeeper of your subconscious mind, astral realm, and akashic records.

On the 12/12 portal, my guides were in celebration, congratulating me on the hard work I have put in the last few years to heal and expand my consciousness to become who I am today, to remember who I am to the multitude that I am. They had said, “Your struggle is over now, you get to just relax now. You are being carried. You are so supported, provided for, and loved. Enjoy this and receive it. Each step will be revealed.”

A profound message that I am sure resonates with many of you who have read this far.

We did it starseeds! Celebrate and reward yourselves and enjoy this beautiful time of stillness as we approach Solstice.


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