Your reality is a reflection of the paintbrush you take to the canvas of the zero-point field.

Utilize these powerful frequencies available to us to make massive quantum leaps in your timelines.

Yes many of us are feeling that pull to draw inwards as we approach Winter Solstice in the Northern Hemisphere, the longest night, but that doesn’t mean you aren’t taking massively inspired action during this time.

It means you are spending more time playing with the quantum fabric, exploring the unseen realms, recognizing the distortions operating in your field and collapsing them.

With that in-depth energetic work, you will naturally feel the inspiration for your next step. You will feel carried to create and birth without draining yourself.

You may notice your body is asking to sleep an hour later, waking with the sun rather than waking in the dark.

You may notice yourself naturally checking out of the holiday hustle and bustle, retreating in the magic of your alone time.

You may notice that downloads and messages are coming through much clearer right now as you have just naturally slowed down into yourself, finding stillness for the guidance to easily penetrate into your field.

You may also notice how quickly your external reality is shifting to reflect the massive upgrades that have been taking place in your inner energetics.

This is an invitation to become the master of your energetic realm at this time, to plant the seeds of your desires in the quantum fabric and watching them grow into external reflections.

You are the artist. Be playful, be creative, and make magic.

& if you desire support in you quantum field seed planting, dimension ninja’ing ventures, Ascension Ninja: 5D Reality Mastery enrolment closes next week on the Full Moon! Reach out for more information on this 6 week container!

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