Your relationship with the man/men/or lack there in your life is a direct reflection of your relationship with the masculine within.

YES to doing the divine feminine work of shifting out of over pushing, overdoing, and moving into a place of more ease, BEing and receptivity, BUT, if you don’t heal your relationship with your masculine, you will be very sloppy and flighty with your feminine energy – like a kite without a string to anchor it.

Your masculine energy is there to provide and hold the channels in which your energy flows through.

If you are resisting his support, he will continue to be an inconsistent & unsupportive presence in your inner AND external reality.

Many women are still operating from the place where their masculine energy guilt trips them, tells them they aren’t good enough, calls them lazy, etc.

Sure they may be making more time for feminine flow activities, but they have this distortion in the masculine field that is making them feel unsafe and unsupported to be truly in their feminine.

You can only expand in your feminine as much as you feel held and supported by the masculine.

Check-in with your inner masculine.
Is he consistent?
Does he support you?
Does he listen to what you need and make sure you hold true to that?
OR, does he guilt trip you?
Does he come and go as he pleases?

The DIVINE masculine is your best lover OR your best father (choose what feels best for you), your best provider and supporter.

Welcome him in.

Open a dialogue with him.

Do your clearing work to clear the crunchy energies you have around the toxic masculine so that you can open up to be penetrated by the divine masculine.

He has been waiting for you your entire life to see him for who he truly is.

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