CHANNELED ENERGY REPORT: 12/12/12 PORTAL – December 12th not only is the Full Moon in Gemini at 12:12 am EST, but it also is opening the portal of high frequencies streaming in from the Winter Solstice (Dec 21) and the Solar Eclipse (Dec 26th).

December 12th is a MASSIVE day for humanity. The final ascended template will be installed within our bodies.

We are now anchored in the 5th dimension and are now anchored in these high-frequency templates. We are no longer shifting in and out of these high frequencies available to us. Our base frequency IS these high frequencies.

If you are not reaping the rewards that come along with the 5th dimension and these ascended templates (such as fluid & rapid manifestation), you still have outdated templates that are anchoring you to the 3rd dimension that is calling you to dismantle them.

When we dip down to lower frequencies (maybe being around lower frequency people for an extended period or perhaps are experiencing a psychic attack) that is when we feel exhausted, agitated and overwhelmed.

Our nervous systems went through massive recalibration in November (hence the intense anxiety so many people were feeling).

December will be a calmer month of integrating these higher frequencies, specifically the final template that will be installed on 12/12. We will be called to rest and find ourselves naturally withdrawing from social media & the collective as we will become ultra-aware of the way the energies are affecting us.

You may also be noticing that you are feeling called to releasing all that you used to find comfort outside of yourself: coffee, alcohol, cigarettes, cannabis, processed foods, chocolate, that “comfort” person that you casually hook up with.

We are releasing anything that we have given our power outside of ourselves. This is happening naturally, peacefully, & gently.

You may also be noticing the intensity growing in politics, media, & people that are at the beginning of their ascension journey. In order for there to be change, there has to be disruption. We are in a period of very charged energetics. We are seeing the dualistic reflection: the light gets lighter and the dark becomes more chaotic.

Don’t allow yourself to get sucked into the drama of it all, trust that the chaos is a necessary part of the process of dismantling systems that cannot exist in this New Earth template.

If you are desiring support on navigating these fifth-dimensional frequencies available to us, message me for information on Ascension Ninja: 5D Reality Mastery.

Art by Karol Bak

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