On a subconscious level, many spiritual/conscious people believe that they have to be at a level of perfection in order for Source to fully support them.

This can show up with thoughts like, “I just have to let go of this one limiting belief and then I will be able to claim my divine inheritance. The flood gates of wealth will pour open!”
“I just have to do another ceremony and my desire will manifest into physical form…”
“I haven’t been connecting well with my meditations lately which is why nothing is manifesting…”

This is POVERTY CONSCIOUSNESS – a consciousness that we do not want to be existing in New Earth. It stems from the deeply engrained idea in our cells from the patriarchal system that “God” will punish us if we are not in our perfection.

It’s the consciousness that we need to be a certain way and do a certain thing in order to receive what is actually our divine birthrights.

Truth is, you are GOD. You are SOURCE. You are INFINITE supply. You do not have to be at a certain level of enlightenment/ascension in order to claim your birthrights and sovereignty.

You are infinitely loved and supported by the pulse of life that is beating through you exactly as you are – not once you hit a certain level of consciousness.

Once you become aware of the idea that prosperity and abundance are infinitely available to you and you believe it on every cell of your being, THEN you are able to claim your birthright and divine inheritance. It won’t show up otherwise if there’s a part of you that still don’t believe it.

And honestly, things are happening so fast now with this new dimension that we are operating in, that we can unplug from that poverty consciousness and plug into Source/Universal consciousness in a matter of 1 meditation.

It’s about then releasing your attachment to the world of form (physical reality), trusting that because you already created/accessed it in the energetic world, that your material world will update accordingly – there is a delay, so don’t get tripped up.

The illusion is in the material world, the REAL world is behind the veil.

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