Scorpio New Moon is upon us on Monday October 28th @ 4:38 am Central Europe Time OR on Sunday October 27th @ 8:38 pm Mountain Standard Time.

November is going to be a powerfully transformative month, with the portal of 11/11 opening and new streams of consciousness coming through.

We are evolving at accelerated rates. We are leveling up. Our higher minds are merging with our current minds.

The fog is lifting.

Our consciousness is expanding at such profound levels.

The veils of illusions are dropping. We are seeing things for what and who they really are rather than the diluted cloaked version that was programmed into the masses.

The light is outshining the dark.

Corruption is exposing its belly to be witnessed in order to destruct.

Fear programming is at an all time high right now, grabbing at straws trying to put the cloak back over humanity. We are quantum ninjas remembering & exercising our sovereign power of just how much we decide to allow this to affect us.

We are no longer playing into emotional chaos, we witness and respond from our higher selves with ease.

We are propelling forward into our greater purpose which will fully reveal itself in 2020.

Can you feel the shift?

Surrender and be in your heart. Everyone is going through profound shifts right now and are at different points in their journey.

Be patient and compassionate when you see people acting out of their shadow, but as always, don’t let people/forces/programming fuck with you.

My advice? Meditate daily, hydrate, rest, eat for a light body, laugh, and follow through with what you are being guided to learn and be trained in right now. You are being prepared for what’s to come.

November forecast by yours truly ❤
Art by @Durianaddict

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