Every morning I sensually dance to move energy and awaken my shakti energy,

I welcome the divine masculine consciousness to activate in my being so that I may ride my chariot on the highway of feminine flow.

I drop into meditation to unplug myself from the collective consciousness and to plug myself into universal consciousness.

I then choose what template I am going to operate from the day, and I code it with 4 pillars of frequencies to create a juicy expansive grid.

I then see this grid laser out into my reality, and I watch with delight as my physical reality begins to upgrade to match this template.

Then my chariot and I flow through our day, creating, dancing, serving, holding space, radiating light, and joyfully ninja warrior goddessing our way through the distortions/hurdles that placed in our “way” by ego or old outdated fear-based programming until the template that was selected in the morning is fully anchored in.

If you’re a ninja warrior goddess in training and would like support in your timeline collapsing, template creating, & consciousness-expanding endeavors, give me a holla, I have a Scorpio Season sale on Ascension Ninja: 5D Reality Mastery. A 6 week coaching container to support you on:

-collapsing & clearing timelines
-clearing distortions in your energy field
-creating, gridding and expanding into your desired reality
-shifting out of outdated templates and creating space for your 5D template to anchor in

Coaching begins the 1st week of December, meaning you will be quantum leaping into 2020. Reach out if you feel the tug.

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