Floating up above my timeline I see how EVERYTHING is in perfectly divine timing.

From times that were trying that brought forth deep lessons for me to strengthen my medicine,
to meeting a cosmic sister on a plane who was perfectly placed in the seat next to my husband,
who shared 2 flights with us in 4 days, who I will be meeting up with at a shamanic initiation weekend this weekend.

I truly am recognizing just how guided I am, even in times where I maybe didn’t realize I was being guided.

Guided to sign up for an initiation weekend in Vienna to activate shamanic wisdom stored in my bones.

Guided to sign up for a 3 day ayahuasca ceremony next month here in Salzburg.

When I signed up for these 2 events, I was deep in a process.

I was very deep in an initiation with familiarizing myself with the ruby red of the root, and to recognize my true power in the material reality when dark forces tried to fuck with my family.

Ancient codes have been coming online in my experience the last few months.

I have felt activation after activation with the solar activity, spikes in Schumann resonance, the Amazon rainforest fires releasing the akashic records, feeling Momma Earth’s grief around my heart, a spine that is too sensitive to touch, & physical ascension symptoms that have kept me quite withdrawn from “normal” people activities.

As the shamanic initiation approaches, I am noticing alchemy already happening. You see, once you make the energetic exchange (payment) for a coach, course, or event, it’s already happened in another dimension and the codes start to activate in you before you even “start”.

The past life as a medicine man came forth last week, who now joins me in my meditation circles.
A grandmother energy has also come forth in my meditations this week.
My grandmothers are both alive in the material plane, and I don’t feel this is a great grandmother energy.
This is a grandmother to me in a different life.

I have felt called more than ever to converse with the trees.
There is a tree near my house who I have felt connected with since the day I moved in.
She stands on her own, majestic and wide, many centuries old.
She is the keeper of much wisdom.

Last night I sat under her,
root chakra firmly planted on one of her exposed roots,
watching the heavy clouds drifting past the almost full moon,
my bare feet in the grass.

I pray to grandmother tree,
thanking her for the abundance in my life,
and to ask her for guidance.

Things are feeling so extra magical at night time with this beautiful energy of October,
the veil thin for our ancestors to easily come through,
it feels almost as if one is having a psychedelic trip.

Messages are coming through much easier these days as my channel clears.

2020. You are big and you are coming.
There will be a lot of confused people out there when the veil completely drops at the snap of a finger.
It will be those of us who were once pushed out to the outside for our stranger and “out there” ideas, who will be the guiding lights.

It will all click in in the most beautiful and profound way, as we merge with our higher minds, of exactly what we are supposed to do when we need to do it.
It’s already happening.

We’ve been preparing.
We’ve been initiated.

That which you are guided to do now is vital for your preparation for what’s to come in 2020.

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