Woman: the carrier of all medicine.

Within the powerful portal of our wombs…

We carry songs that have yet to be sung.
We carry books that have yet to be written.
We carry canvases that have yet to be painted.
We carry healing gifts that have yet to be discovered.

All of this is at our fingertips, swirling in the cosmos of our wombs, waiting for us to remember just how powerful, creative, and magical we are.

We are the keepers of ancient codes, that with the fires of the Amazon releasing the akashic records into the atmosphere, has been activating us to stand taller, to scream louder, to expand further, to surrender deeper.

May I support you in your rising, of shining your brilliant light out into the world.
May I stand with you as you walk through the fires of initiations.
May I remind you of your innate power when you are on your knees.

I have a spot opening up for private mentorship, let’s collaborate.

Now is the time.

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