When we face off with the mirror, we can’t run and hide from our shit.

Many humans avoid looking in the mirror because they are afraid to truly see the reflection looking back, to feel the shame that they have been pretending that they don’t carry AND not only that, they are afraid to see their energy mirrored back to them.

The most triggering practices are the ones we need the most.

When my face broke out in acne a year and a half ago – I hid.

I hid from the mirror, I hid under concealer, the confidence I had became a distant memory.

As my wedding approached and my skin still had yet to heal, I asked myself how I can feel radiant and beautiful on the happiest day of my life?

I had to face off with shame.

My skin became a huge initiation for me to a deeper level of self-love, self-worth and self reverence.

I stopped wearing makeup.
I allowed my fiance, my friends, the strangers at the grocery store, to see my skin raw and inflamed.

I started doing my insta stories and fbook lives without makeup.

I started publicly talking about my skin, rather than pretending that the acne wasn’t there.

I allowed myself to be seen.

Triggering? Yep!
Healing? YUP!

I complimented these processes with daily mirror work.
I would sensually dance in front of the mirror, in the nude, in all aspects – unclothed and my face uncovered.

I danced until I no longer saw the acne, but rather, I saw the fierce, wild, sexy woman energy ready to howl at the moon come forth.

My eyes got brighter and bluer.
My skin held more light.

I became more beautiful because my energy was no longer cloaked in shame.

My wedding photos show the acne, but you can’t tell, because I am glowing with so much light and radiance.

I even had considered going makeup-free on my wedding day because of how comfortable I finally became in my skin.

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