To be wild…
Is to question everything.
To recognize that nothing is at it seems.
To breakfree from the programs.
To liberate yourself from the fear grids.
To dance in the milk of the moon
To the flow of the uncoiled serpent along your spine.
To beat your barefeet against the wet earth.
To call forth all aspects of yourself.
To allow the tidal wave of your power to carry you.
To trust in your inner knowing above all else.
To not play into the fear stories of others.
To unlearn everything that you were told you are.
To remember your true sovereignty.
To pulse with the heartbeat of nature.
To hear the whispers of your ancestors in the rocks.
To truly believe that the real world is behind the veil.
To call upon the wisdom in your bones to master your craft.
To be the gatekeeper of your castle.
To be your own lion and lioness.
To allow your own cosmic light to radiate without reservations.
To stand up and be seen for all that you are, you exquisite being you.

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