You, divine feminine in rising, you are learning how to honour your energy first and foremost rather than pushing and forcing.

Lately, I’m sure you’ve been feeling the call to rest more than you work – I know I have.

We have been integrating ascension codes on the daily, our physical bodies are changing, and our infinite channels are beginning to blast open.

On the human level, our minds can’t even fully comprehend the energetic shifts that are happening right now.

If you’re choosing to honour the call to rest, you probably are finding that your toxic masculine is having an energetic beatdown with your feminine by throwing you into mind spirals and guilt trips.

This is an opportunity for you to dive into this and begin to clear the slavery grid that has been playing in all of our lives for hundreds of thousands of years.

Guess what? The clients will still come in whether you’re posting on social media daily or not as long as your energy is in a place of receptivity, self-reverence, and feminine magnetism.

You are a divine feminine CREATOR, which means expanding your frequency and your consciousness energy comes first and foremost before you are inspired to take action.

If right now working half days is what you have to do to keep going and the rest of the time you are spending in nature and in deep rest to integrate all of these codes, call in the Divine Masculine Consciousness to support you in doing such.

Divine Masculine support does not guilt you in making you feel like you’re lazy or you SHOULD be doing something. The toxic masculine does, but the DIVINE masculine would never. He encourages you to take that nap and chances are he’ll give ya a back rub too. He’ll tell you that you’re doing so much on an energetic level that right now your body just needs that rest and he’ll make sure that you are nourishing yourself, hydrating and taking it easy.

If you’re having trouble shifting this, write a letter to guilt and break up with it.
Let go of the guilt you are carrying from that friend you ended things with.
Let go of the guilt you are carrying from your high credit card balance.
And let go of the guilt trips you put yourself through every time you honour the call to rest because if you’re laying in your bed having a battle between your ego-mind and your higher self, you’re not truly honouring your space to rest.

How does this actually feel?

Imagine having a lover who makes sure he tends to every one of your needs, making you feel so blissful, open & receptive, and juicy with ecstasy that your energy is continually expanding without you having to “force” the flow.

You are glowing and inspiration flows freely.

When you feel tired or scattered, he grounds you and supports you to help nurture you back into a place of expansion.

Be that lover to yourself.

This is the union between the divine masculine and feminine energies within.

In order to see this reflected in our intimate relationships, we have to find that within ourselves first.

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