Many starseeds, lightworkers, healers, wayshowers, witches, priestesses on the path, are walking around with only a sliver of their heart open, much like the crescent moon.

The path that we walk on was for many of us built on the foundation of trauma, abuse, and really difficult experiences that propelled us into our awakening.

As Goddess Kali has come into our lives and burned away that which is no longer in alignment, many of us shut our hearts down because to feel EVERYTHING became too much.

As human consciousness has now ascended into the fifth dimension and we are learning how to anchor in the Heaven on Earth grids, New Earth has granted us the ability to instantly manifest that which is in true alignment with our soul’s desires and the soul contracts that we are here to carry out.

Of course, this instant manifestation only comes when we truly surrender and clear any resistance that we have to such.

Life is becoming more beautiful, and though it seems like the dark is very amplified right now as all of the illusions and veils have been lifted for us to truly see the corruption, the light is becoming brighter and warmer.

How this actually looks? Seeing a training, event, or an experience that your soul knows you need to be at for your evolution and healing, and that day you end up signing a client that more than pays for the event. Just. Like. That. It’s all about the exchange of energy.

Our loved ones are awakening, they are becoming more aware, this is a moment we have been waiting for for years.

Or the messages that are coming in from Spirit, loud and clear as day now, the synchronicities are endlessly streamed together reminding you frequently throughout the day how held and supported you are.

But are you actually allowing yourself to marinate in the beauty and pleasure of all of this?

Probably not, because you have so many walls up around your heart from all of the grief and pain you have been transmuting, only feeling life through the sliver of a crescent moon.

So what if, you dropped down into a meditation and you asked your higher self to swap out your heart chakra for an ascended heart, which holds a much greater capacity to hold pleasure and joy. Allow your mind’s eye to create this beautiful exchange for you in whatever way you feel called to.

I watched my burnt to crisp heart be pulled out of my chest and swapped with a heart that is filled with flowers, waterfalls, and pink crystalline light. I see and feel life through my heart’s vision much greater than the sliver of the moon now.

My heart is the waxing moon.

<3 Let me know how this tool works for you.

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