As healers, lightworkers, priestesses on the path, those on the ascension journey, it is so easy for us to play into the programming that we are not whole and there is always a part of us that needs healing.

There’s always another limiting belief to transcend…
There’s always a new process to try…
There’s always a lesson being learned…

When we play into the idea that we have so much to do in our spiritual toolbox to ascend to the next level, we are still operating from the programming that we are not enough and we are not whole, seeking for something outside of us (or for many of us, inside of us) to bring forth the code to unlock our liberation.

Perhaps it’s time we all got off the spirituality and ascension hamster wheel and just take a step back and look at how far we truly have come the past couple of years and marinate in the true wholeness that we are.

It’s time we truly step up and honour ourselves by loving all aspects of our being, even those shadow parts of us that we have hit with a healing modality or 2, and just celebrate.

That means, giving ourselves credit for how far we’ve come on our consciousness expansion journey and loving the areas of our life that aren’t “ascended” yet. Yes that means loving your maxed-out credit cards too.

If you’re having a difficult time truly going easy on yourself during this time when many of us have been learning a new way of being, creating, and working… write a letter to the version of you from 2 years ago.

What things was she struggling with then that you now have mastered?

What experiences does she have to look forward to?

What has she accomplished that back then, there was no way that was even on her radar?

When you actually pull yourself out of the expansion goals and the next healing retreat or training that you’re going to, and look at just how amazing you’ve actually been doing, the pressure dissipates.

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