The air feels like silk today. It’s not too hot, and it’s not too cool. It’s the perfect day. In a few minutes the moon will reach her fullest point before she begins to wane herself back.

I feel full with appreciation, I feel the lustrous swirl of my feminine energy nectar pulsing through my body, I feel spaciousness, I feel open and receptive.

I’ve been deep in a process the last week and a half integrating work that I did with a healer early last week. I jumped timelines last night after implementing a healing modality that I channeled yesterday. I jumped from feeling heavy, uninspired and integrating a light body activation that was creating a super sensitive spinal column, to fiery, expansive, wild, and blissful.

I want to remind you sweet ones, beings of the light here to assist with the raising of consciousness, that the natural ebb and flow of the ascension spiral are times where your ego is coming up to full surface for you to be the master alchemist of and times of great expansion and liberation.

A new idea/thought form comes into your experience, initiating this process.

All your energetic distortions comes to surface for you to work through, clear and learn the lessons required for your consciousness to expand around the subject to then allow you to be the vessel to hold such.

You expanded your consciousness through all of the inner energetic work you did, you tapped into a new frequency, and you are now in vibrational resonance to be the container to hold the creation of the original thought form.

What does this look like tangibly?

You receive the download/message that it’s time that you own your power as a healer. No more playing small.

All your, “oh fucks,” come up to surface. You’re then sent through a series of initiations to help you transcend the unworthiness, slavery, scarcity and doubt templates (to name a few).

You feel confused, heavy, and WTF for days, weeks maybe. You feel your physical body changing.

& then one day you wake up and the breakthrough has been made, you wake up in a new paradigm, a new timeline, where you wake up as the full embodiment of the queen witch boss healer that you are.

& then you’re sent through a few more tests to make sure you got that shit anchored and locked down.

& now your vibrating in resonance with the template of your biggest, most bad ass version of yourself, and you move into a period of wild expansion and liberation.

Rinse and repeat, up the ascension spiral we go.

Stay unattached to what’s going on, and trust the process.

We are in the energetic olympics, we’ve been training for this boo, time to just play the game and learn as we go.

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