The more you believe in something, the more real it becomes.

Think of the monster under your bed when you were a kid. That monster was REAL AS F because of how much time you spent worrying about it and having your parents check under the bed each night before you went to sleep.

Your brain was creating a fear charged entity and the more energy that was spent obsessing about it, the entity expanded into the great big boogeyman that traumatized you throughout the night.

Your parents couldn’t see it, but you could feel that it was there. You created it.

So what about your belief in your abilities and your power? The first year of business as a healer is very much spent dying and rebirthing through a series of initiations to teach you how to stand in your power as the creator of your reality and the alchemist of energy.

You’re going through a process of unraveling all of the conditioning that has kept you doubting your magic and gifts.

So many of us learned at a young age that it was safer to shut ourselves down rather than express our full weird and wild so that we could be loved and accepted.

As we walk down the path of rewilding, we unlearn these patterns and liberate ourselves to stand in our own love and acceptance and not give too much attention to what those around us are saying or may or may not be thinking. This is a process though of course.

So what if, you take all of that energy that’s been leaking out as you doubt if the voice that you are hearing is Spirit or your ego, and start pouring that energy into yourself via the self-belief watering can.

The more energy you spend rallying yourself and your magic, the greater it will expand and more gifts will come online for you.

You are a queen boss witch healer who has lived many lifetimes accumulating the wisdom that you have stored in your bones, and you are here in this lifetime to assist in the implementation of the new grid of reality {heaven on earth} that is being birthed right now. F’n own that, queen.

Humanity’s time on Earth is ticking if we don’t make serious changes, we need more healers with hands-on deck, this is no longer about you and your fears and ego spirals. This is about humanity’s survival, so set your ego aside and get your witchy butt out there and do what you came here to do <3

{One of my favourite ways to tap into my inner fire is putting on my favourite dress and wild woman ecstatic dance to deep tribal jungle music. I also spend a lot of time hanging out with citrine and soul gazing into the ocean of my eyes to connect with my higher self throughout the day..}

How do you connect to your inner fire? ⬇️

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