Everyday our bodies are being showered with beautiful ascension codes, spiraling around our strands of DNA, activating our true potentials.

Our gifts are coming online, we are remembering who we are, what we came here to do, and the many lifetimes we have lived to accumulate the skills and wisdom that we hold within our cells.

The way we perceive the natural world is shifting. We are seeing either a saturation of colours, like the pigment has been drained, yet the energy feels like something out of this world. We can see the branches and leaves turning to us, reaching out to comb our energy field. The English language is so limiting to describe experiences like this.

Or, the colours are amplified, the true hues are beginning to reveal themselves. The natural world appears almost electric, neon, as if your lens of perception is going through a psychedelic trip. It feels as if we are floating through the natural world, drinking in this cosmic magic that feels so foreign to our human experience, and yet, deep down in the stardust of our bones, we have a knowing that this is how Earth always has been, we have just been limited in perceiving it as such.

I have noticed that the incongruencies in our daily flow is coming to full surface for us to deal with.

For example, if your morning routine that is filled with spiritual tools that are designed to shift you out of the ego and embody your higher selves’ consciousness feels stale, your creative flow and union between the masculine & feminine energies in your business will suffer.

If your normal tools that you use to connect with the wild feminine within are no longer working, the disconnect will feel greater than what it did even 6 months ago.

We are being called to flexing our creative muscles and diving deep within to connect with our inner wisdom to begin to channel new tools, modalities and practices to bring us to the next level of consciousness.

I’ve been called to connecting with powerful energetic vortexes on Earth’s grid to cleanse and rejuvenate my energy, as well as to download the consciousness of these places to then bring back to my own sacred home space to alchemize it into the work that I do.

The goddess called me to the woods last night to take a divine bath in a natural womb, drinking in the golden hues cast by the setting sun.

I stripped down to my bare essence and jumped into a natural pool that’s been carved out of the mountain’s rock by the consistent force of a waterfall, feeling the cool water cleanse my energy field with it’s high vibrational purity. I soaked in the solitude of the sacred pool for the better part of an hour, feeling into the healing energy that’s been purifying wild women’s vibrational fields for centuries.

In my third eye I often see a woman dressed completely in white bathing herself in the falls, her long red hair cascading down her back. I didn’t see her last night, I was completely alone, just one with the great sacred Mother, soaking and integrating in all of the feminine ascension codes that have been showering over me, until I felt my womb space become one with the water.

I submerged myself one more time completely under the water, downloading the consciousness of this divine place Earth has blessed us with. My body held by the buoyancy of the natural salt and minerals from the mountain’s richness. I pulled myself up onto a rock to begin to allow the breeze to dry me. Looking up and around me, marinating in the view of the thousand year old trees towering over me, their roots pouring down the mossy mountain walls.

My ancient wisdom has been coming online, I am a gridkeeper and was one of the originals that came here to Earth to test the soil, the chemistry and to put into place the energetic grid of light that allowed the birth of life. I don’t quite know what this all means yet, it has only just begun to be revealed to me.

I tuned into the consciousness of the gorge in the mountain, much like the spreading of a woman’s legs, a gateway into the Earth womb.

I felt where her energy was stagnated from {hu}man passing through without respect.

A white gold column of light began to pour down from the sky, surrounding and filling my vessel. This energy poured through my channel and downloaded into Earth below, instilling cosmic codes of healing into the soil of this sacred place.

The breeze took a big breath of life as the leaves began to swirl in this womb space of Mother Earth.

“May my eyes reveal greater beauty in this sacred space,” I whispered into the wind.

The lens of gold that the setting sun illuminated in the trees began to intensify. The hues of green electrified and the swirling feminine blues in the natural bath ignited into vibrant ocean pigments.

I felt it was time to go to allow the work that had been done here to infuse.

Something in me changed last night.

I stoked the fire of the wild feminine within by being one with the natural world and surrendered to the ancient impulse that took over me, but it was much greater than that.

I believe this will be one of those pivotal moments where looking back I will know just how essential it was for the path that I am on.


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