The past couple of months my bank account has regularly reflected increased balances with no transaction/reason why. When I go through my transactions, it’s like the money was always there. #dimensionhopping

I also have had experiences the last few weeks where items appeared exactly as I need them, when logically I knew they were in a totally different place, but as soon as I went to go get them, they appeared practically in front of me.

When I was in Spain I had left my earbuds on the microwave at my parent’s airbnb, I was staying at JP’s airbnb and desperately needed to have my earbuds to fall asleep to healing binaural beats – I opened my suitcase as I was getting ready for bed and my earbuds were neatly placed on top of my pajamas. {{Thank you team, more of this please 🙏🏻}}

I’m loving this 5th dimensional game. Let logic go and open yourself up to the magic of life.

Timelines are slippy right now, we are shifting in and out of dimensions multiple times throughout the day according to the consciousness we are operating from.

Keep anchoring in that desired consciousness of your higher self throughout the day and watch how life becomes rigged in your favour.

You have to be open to the weird and not have any doubts/reservations about it for you to begin to see the evidence of it.

What you believe becomes your reality, your truth. If you believe you have to work hard for money to come, you’re right. If you believe that money is always flowing to you from multiple channels, you’re right. If you believe in the paranormal, you will experience the paranormal. If you believe that you can hop into another dimension at any time, you’re right. If you believe that crystals don’t heal you, you’re right.

You have more power than what you’ve been lead to believe. ❤️🔥

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