I decided to choose something different.

As soon as I realized that I WAS THE ONE holding the keys to create the most beautiful, expansive, abundant, joyous life, I dove deep into my underworld to clear the blockages within that had me feeling unworthy of such, and doubting my ability to create such.

Your outer reality is a direct reflection of the template of belief systems that is your inner reality.

Once you upgrade your inner reality, and choose to encode a new template of empowering beliefs rather than limiting beliefs, and fully surrender allowing the magic to unfold, your outer reality begins to shift, alter, transmute and upgrade to match all of the inner work you have done.

I transcended the template of unworthiness and encoded my being with deep self reverance and worship of the goddess within myself.

I transcended the template of scarcity and encoded my being of infinite abundance and being held and supported by the Universal Laws of Source Energy.

I transcended the template of seeking validation from toxic masculinity, and encoded my being with being rooted and united within of my own masculine and feminine energies.

I transcended the template of victimhood/damsel in distress/life is happening TO me, and encoded my being with quantum queen goddess radiance/life is happening FOR me.

I transcended the idea that “I don’t need a man to take care of me,” which ultimately attracted feminine energy men into my life in the past, to being open to be lead, guided, and taken care of by a man rooted in his divine masculine presence, and in that, I met my king.

My inner blueprint has been recoded & upgraded at great multitudes and depths and this past 2 weeks was a climactic unfolding of events as I observed and experienced my external reality making her final tweaks and shifts to equally reflect all of the inner shifts that I have made the last several years.

And to think, this is just the beginning.

As we comedown from all of the events leading up to our sacred ceremony, and fully process the immense gratitude and appreciation we have for each other and those that were there to celebrate with us in the physical and in spirit, I am cultivating space for myself to allow it all to marinate and infuse into my consciousness.

Come August I will be opening up my coaching practice to receive 3 more soulmate clients to work in collaboration together to take them through the Cosmic Radiance experience of deep transformation, template alchemy, learning how to navigate through ascension and fifth dimensional living.

Reach out to see if this process is the right fit for you. The right ones will be guided to this experience. ❤

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