Sweet child, when you feel the pull to rest. Rest.

When you feel expansive energy pulsing through you desiring to be birthed, create.

You are no longer operating on the linear structures and systems that have been placed for you in the past.

Time is slippy and stretchy.

There are times that it feels like hours have gone by and it’s only been 30 minutes.
There are times where you are creating at intense quantum levels as it all just flows easily and seamlessly out of you where you can create a week’s worth of content/work/inspiration/art in only an afternoon.

In order to maintain this cosmic flow, you must allow yourselves to BE and rest when you are feeling the call.

Your rhythm is going to look very different than the next person.

Your rhythm and flow are going to look and feel very different than it did 6 months ago.

Follow your rhythm, your heartbeat, your pulse, your cycle.

You may not be hungry anymore and just feeling the call to live off of smoothies and light foods. That’s okay. That’s normal.
You might be feeling extremely thirsty and just can’t seem to get enough water in you. That’s okay. That’s normal.
You may be feeling the need to sleep 12 hours.n That’s okay. That’s normal.
You may be feeling completely fine off of only a few hours of sleep. That’s okay, that’s normal.

Do not compare your ascension journey and your rhythm to those around you.

This is your reality.
This is your video game.
Put your blinders on to just show up to yourself.
Show up as the higher self version of you, which is so easy to do these days – comforting and parenting your inner child/ego as she goes through her trips/tantrums.

Be the observer and do not play into the drama.
Keep connecting to what is true for you.
What are you here to do on this world in this lifetime? You know this.
Don’t let what’s happening in the external to trip you up.

You got this sweet child. You so so so got this. You know what to do. All of the wisdom is within you.
& you are so loved.
You are so held.
Trust in that.
This is happening for you.


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