Channeled Message from the White Light Society:

Many of you are on what we call the rainbow bridge. This is where you are shifting between the 4th and 5th dimensions. 
Your consciousness has expanded greatly, you know what you are creating in your life and you are very focused. You are in a place of deep trust and surrender. You have cracked all of the internal codes of prosperity, abundance, inner knowing, trust in Source energy and trusting in your own power, but you haven’t seen many changes happening in your outer reflection as of yet.

Some of you are finding yourself becoming discouraged.

We urge you and encourage you not to lose that excitement, that zest for life knowing that all of your wildest dreams are unfolding in front of you.

Your external reality is an outdated version of your inner reality. You must give it time to catch up, to upgrade with all of the inner changes to reflect your inner reality.

It is your ego that is creating these fear stories that are making you feel like you are losing momentum, belief, and excitement. 
It’s your ego that feels the need to see instantaneous results.

Remember, fulfillment comes from within, not without. By enjoying this blissful and expansive feeling inside, it will speed up the process of your external reality upgrading to match the inner frequencies.

You have done so much work, and we are so proud of you.

This is the part where you get to just surrender and allow the Universal laws to take effect.

Surrender into the joy of this experience, trusting that it just keeps getting better, because it will.

It’s not easy for many of you to be happy, as you have all experienced great trauma and great struggles. This is something that healers and lightworkers are learning right now is how to be happy, and joyful after they’ve been taking things so seriously for so long.

You have all had to go through such difficult experiences to grow into the humans with the awareness that you have today.

This is where you get to just relax, and trust, that it’s all unfolding, because it is.

You are creating a new grid of reality, a grid of unity, love, connection, and abundance. It doesn’t happen overnight,.

Enjoy the process and all of the lessons that you encounter along the way.

You are ascending whether you’re putting in the work or not. 
It’s time to lighten up and just enjoy the cosmic ride.

Photo credit : Ines Montufo

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