Your external reality is out of date.

Your internal reality has been massively upgrading.

The human species is going through a massive shift. (don’t be afraid, this is beautiful, & so needed. We are facing the 6th massive extinction if we don’t change. Not changing is no longer an option, we are being forced to change, our cells, our systems, are all being upgraded, whether you’re aware of it or not.)

The sun has had massive solar storms and flares the last several months which has been hitting Earth with more light that what we are used to.

Mother Earth’s frequency/heartbeat (schumann resonance) has been skyrocketing. Her normal resonance is 7.83 hz. There have been days that she has been peaking over 100 hz.

Our bodies are made of the Earth. We humans, are part of the Earth, part of her cosmic makeup. What happens to Earth, happens to us.

Our bodies are changing as we bring in these higher levels of light into our nervous systems.

Our chakra systems are changing. 
Our digestive systems are changing. 
Our densities are changing.

Our emotions are heightened (and will continue to be heightened – this is our new normal).

That means that pain is more intense, AND, our hearts are opening to a new level of expansive joy & bliss.

The world is waking up with these tidal waves of light.

Vast communities are starting to see above & outside of the illusions that have been cast upon us for thousands of years to keep us in the dark.

People are maturing, people are broadening their perceptions, people are taking responsibility for themselves, their lives & their healing.

People are gathering together in community to create radical change.

We have shifted into a new dimension, meaning that all of the rules, laws and systems that governed our old world cannot possibly exist in this new world.

The entire third dimensional system that operates our Earth no longer can fit in this new fifth dimensional reality.

We are releasing our unhealthy fear based attachment to money.

The bank, religious, & political systems are starting to crumble. {{4 churches burned to the ground the week of Notre Dame.}}

We are craving deeper love, deeper meaning, deeper community, greater peace, and harmony.

Our faith in something greater than us is being reignited in the masses.

Humanity is coming together.

War will fall away.

Raping Earth of her resources will fall away.

The Divine Mother said she will be back, and she is back ladies & gentlemen.

She is burning through that which no longer can stand anymore. She is burning through that which is built on fear, hate, greed, oppression to make room for LOVE & for greater light.

We are being granted the power to create Heaven on Earth in this new dimension, and in order to do so, we must first create heaven on earth in our own lives, which will ripple through the collective & transmute denser energies into light.

Do not be afraid. 
Do not be afraid. 
Do not be afraid.

This year we are going to see massive shocking events happen on our globe.

We are going to witness the crumbling of the old to make way for the new.

We as a human race are going to learn COMPASSION for ourselves and for others at a new degree.

We are going to learn how to come together as ONE.

We are going to learn how to work in harmony with Earth.

It starts with you.

We all have a part to play in creating this new world: a world built on love, abundance, and community.

You’re feeling the call to bring your healing gifts into the world.

You’re feeling the call to delve deeper into your spirituality.

You’re feeling the call to release resentment and forgive the unforgivable.

You’re feeling the intensities of the geo storms. You’re feeling the shifts in your body, your thoughts, your emotions.

You no longer can stand relationships that are not in alignment.

You no longer can stand jobs that are not in alignment.

You no longer can function in a set routine/schedule.

Time feels different, it’s passing by in a different way.

Your sleep patterns are changing.

Your eating patterns are changing.

You are thirstier, your skin feels sensitive, your body feels sensitive.

You feel drunk/high when you’re out in the sun for long periods of time.

Baby, you’re upgrading.

Your internal reality is making massive shifts, and soon, the external reality will reflect these shifts.

Trust that life is rigged in your favor.

Trust that you are so divinely supported and loved.

Release your attachment to what is going on around you, what you can see with your eyes, and trust that it will soon shift to reflect that beautiful inner reality that you are cocreating within yourself.

Your external reality is outdated, surrender, and trust, have deep faith, and soon temples of love will be built where there once was deep scarcity & fear.

Lean on your fellow sensitive humans that are tuned into what is happening right now for support, we’re not alone, we’re in this together, and we are so supported by the great Mother.

LOVE & FAITH is our medicine.

She’s here. <3

Ashes to ashes.

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Photographer: Ines Montufo

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