Do you have the space in your energetic space to receive what it is that you are calling in?

Are you calling in more joy and bliss, yet have unresolved and unprocessed grief and resentment stuck in your field? 
Are you calling in your soulmate, yet you are in a space of self sabotaging one night stands to fill the void of loneliness on a Friday night? 
Are you calling in more clients, yet you are in a space of procrastination and mindless social media scrolling?

In order to call in greater love, greater abundance, greater joy, greater wealth, we have to make space in our beings and our lives to receive such.

We have to shed what is no longer in alignment with that vision.

We have to process and release emotions that are stuck in our field that are making us feel unworthy of receiving greater.

We have to learn how to indulge in the love, joy and abundance in this very moment, in order to be in a place of receiving more.

We have to clean up, internally and externally, to be able to hold that vision of greatness in your field.

& it’s in this process of making space, that is actually the journey to the destination.

The journey of calling in that greater vision, where we unravel, stumble, fall and rise up through lessons, and learn who we are to our very cores.

Where we learn how to become our own best friend, our own best healer, & our own best version.

It’s the journey that makes the destination so worth it, otherwise, if we just got to the destination by bypassing all of the work of healing and growing that is required to attain it, we wouldn’t indulge fully in that very moment that the vision clicks into reality of full fruition.

The journey IS the vision unfolding.

Trust that this is all part of you aligning with your greatest desires.

I have several spots available for my private 6 month transformational coaching experience, The Rewilding Code, where we clear the energetic space to open you up to receiving that great big beautiful vision of yours among many other things. For more information and to book your enrollment call, check the link in the comments.

Photo credit: Stephany Stefan

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