You have lifetimes of wisdom waiting for you to channel.

This is not your soul’s first experience in the human body.

You’ve done this human experience many lifetimes, growing, evolving, healing, learning your lessons, rising up, transcending ego to soul.

Over and over.

You have the ability to call upon that energy, that strength and resilience, that power, that wisdom, at any time.

You’re not doing this alone.

You have a whole spiritual team in other realms assisting you, and the knowledge and wisdom of many lifetimes that your soul has experienced.

Call upon it, declare that you desire to channel this wisdom and harness this strength.

Ask your spiritual team for assistance and support.

Remember, you are the creator.

Focus on your internal reality first, ALWAYS.

This creates your experience (aka external reality).

This is you in your power, realizing that you are the power.


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