You have to forgive yourself first before you can rise, before you can radiate your bliss and brilliance through every cell of your being, before you can allow yourself to fully embody that higher self version of yourself that is creating that great beautiful vision of yours into reality.

You have to give yourself permission to surrender the guilt and shame you have been carrying.

To fully surrender the years of guilt we have been carrying in our energetic bodies from times that we didn’t honor ourselves, or in honoring ourselves, we hurt others.

To forgive ourselves for our mistakes, that at the time, we didn’t know how to fully process, and so it stayed in our energetic fields lurking in the shadows, triggering you to feel guilty for things that may not even have have anything to do with you.

To forgive ourselves for allowing others to treat us in the same way that deep down, we treated ourselves.

To surrender the guilt for wanting more. 
Guilt for asking for more. 
Guilt for being more. 
Guilt for outgrowing people.
Guilt for moving on.

Human beings are pack mammals, we are afraid to be the lone wolf, we are afraid to operate outside of the normal conditioning, outside of the pack that we were born and raised in.

When we step outside of our pack, as we all do as we grow and evolve, and have humans come and go out of our lives as we evolve through various other packs, we accumulate guilt, whether we are aware of it or not, for those times that we didn’t act in alignment with how other people thought we should’ve, or those times that we acted out of alignment with ourselves and our own expectations.

We can do deep work on releasing resentment and forgiving others to give ourselves freedom and peace, but if we are not allowing ourselves to free our own chains of guilt and shame, we are still blocking ourselves from receiving love. And our ability to receive love, from ourselves and others, is a direct reflection of our ability to receive from the Universe.

By forgiving yourself and surrendering the guilt that’s been lurking in the shadows for years, you give yourself permission to be truly happy to your core, to radiate your brilliance and rise fully into the woman you are becoming and embodying to create that great big beautiful vision of yours.

Close your eyes, put your hand on your heart, and feel your energy shift as you declare this out loud, “I forgive myself. I give myself permission to be happy. I give myself permission to rise. I am worthy of receiving everything I am being blessed with.”

Photo credit: Stephany Stefan Studio

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