The Rewilding Code. My baby. My medicine. My creation.

What IS the Rewilding Code? A code that is within all of us, waiting to be remembered and unlocked.

When we come out of the womb, we are pure love. 
We are purely our souls, there have been no impressions of fear & limitations yet. We see everything as it is, from an objective, purely loving place. We know abundance, success, happiness, & love is our divine birthright. We know wealth flows to us from an unlimited supply and there is more than enough to go around.

We know all of this with our first breaths in this world, until we start to absorb and learn the fear and scarcity patterns of the world around us and our pure love begins to bury itself in our bones under layers of other people’s fear.

{{{We learn there is not enough and we’re not enough.}}}

We grow up living our lives from this skewed perspective, accumulating traumas along the way.

We learned we are supposed to be shameful of our naked bodies which leads to so many of us women avoiding looking at our bare essence in the mirror.

We put our bodies through excruciating adrenal fatiguing cardio boot camps & unhealthy restricting diets to feel semi okay about putting on a bikini for our sunny holiday we go on once a year. The entire time on the beach we are drowning in comparison mode and insecurities.

We have learned that it’s normal to judge and gossip about others, we seek validation in the number of likes we get on Facebook, we numb out our emotions through alcohol, drugs, food, Netflix or my personal favourite – over busying ourselves.

We are in a constant over busy’d state, not slowing down long enough to hear the calls of your intuition to come home to yourself.

We learn at a young age that our periods are an annoyance and something to be shameful about. We learn that it is utterly humiliating to whisper in the ladies room to ask a stranger if they have a spare tampon.

We disown what our periods mean and we push ourselves just as hard despite the intense cramping in our womb space that is asking us to slow down in order to receive the wisdom that comes through at this time.

We believe there are parts of us that are unlovable. We deny love within ourselves which blocks us from being able to fully receive love at full capacity.

We wonder why we attract men that disrespect us and waste our time, but it’s so easy to answer that late night booty call text when we are feeling lonely.

We worry about the money in our bank account that goes straight to bills and doesn’t give much room for much else.

When we experience a negative encounter from someone else, we take it personally and feed into the drama rather than seeing this person as someone who is also working through deep wounding.

& Finally, after years of living this life that is deemed the “norm” for all of us, we get to a point where we starts to ask questions about this life that we live .

{{{It’s in these questions that we begin to uncover the truth.}}}

We begin to realize that our power is not outside of us in the hands of others, but rather, WITHIN us waiting for us to recognize it, remember it, reclaim it, and rise with it. 🔥

We have the power to create heaven on earth, and that which is going on outside of us is merely a reflection of what’s going on within us. It’s thought and belief first, THEN our eyes reflect it.

We have the ability to dictate we no longer will be victim to our circumstances, and rather, unlock the codes within us that grants us the ability to massively shake up how life is working for us. Paradigm shake down.

Your experience in this world is yours to create, and it all comes down to doing the internal work to come back to that place of love, abundance and bliss that is buried in your bones waiting for you to remember it.

Your soul knows this. Your soul has lived many life times of human experiences of doing just that: remembering who you are and your divine right and power. This may feel like your first rodeo, but it’s not, there are lifetimes of wisdom swirling around in your cosmic meatbag waiting for you to remember.

We heal the world by healing ourselves first. Your vibration impacts the collective vibration. When you clear something within yourself, you are clearing it within the collective.

If we all took personal ownership of our own innate power to heal and create heaven on earth, can you imagine just how beautiful humanity would become as we work together as one rather than separately?

The Rewilding Code is my medicine to the world.

It’s the codes I’ve uncovered and unlocked in myself as I remember my own power, my worthiness, my love AND my divine birthrights.

It’s the codes I can show you how to unlock in yourself as we unravel the traumas, the limitations, & the stories of unworthiness that were never yours to begin with.

It’s reminding you of your power that’s been waiting oh so patiently to move through you like a tidal wave, as I show you how to become your own healer, because sweetheart, you are your own best healer and you have all of the tools and answers within you.

It’s the process of reclaiming your body and feminine fire by learning how to listen to her rather than trying to escape her.

It’s reminding you of what you already know to your core, the wisdom buried in your bones, underneath all of the fears and limitations that have been blocking you from realizing just how fucking amazing, worthy, powerful and lovable that you are.

If reading this caused a stir within you, reach out <3

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Photo credit: Inés Montufo @ fotographiaemotiva

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