To be wild once meant straight faced tequila shots and blurry nights with short skirts and boots up to the knees.

To be wild once meant fuzzy eardrums after an intense rock concert and burying my body with black ink.

To be wild once meant a passport full of stamps and having 4 am tacos with new friends in a random part of Vegas.

It was all a form of rebellion to the pretty box of conformation that my edges just didn’t fit quite in.

Like a wild animal scratching and clawing, breaking free from the crate that confines her right before she escapes into the woods.

& then after a trauma that had me feeling unsafe in the feminine body I had spent many years trying to escape from, I woke, HARD.

I dove deep into healing the wounds that I was carrying around what it means to be a woman.

The layers of the societal lies that I had been told to keep me tame my entire life rapidly peeled off leaving me raw and naked.

Yet fresh and liberated, & honestly, pissed about the wounding that both woman and man are carrying.

So what does wild mean to me now?

It’s about questioning everything knowing that there’s always a deeper meaning behind the curtain and what’s on the surface rarely is the truth.

It’s about saying no without feeling the need to give an explanation AND it’s also about recreating your life so that you don’t really need to say no that often.

It’s about liberation. Freedom from the box society tries to put us in and not feeling the need to explain why you live your life differently.

It’s about creating your magical life in whatever way pleases you rather than looking through the distorted lens of conditioning and limitations that are meant to keep you small and playing out fear loops.

It’s about courage being your first nature and and to blissfully beat your own drum and dance your own rhythm & not apologize for it.

It’s about feeling safe in your ever changing, growing and transforming persona, because you’ve done the work to know that you are deeply rooted in who you are to your core.

To be thirsty for adventure and new flavors, scents, sounds and elevated frequencies. 
To know that you are merely stardust swirling around in flesh having a human experience, again. 
To touch the bark of a tree to feel her wisdom and be curious about all that she has seen.

To feel most at home in Mother Nature’s purest rawest form, untouched by man. 
To allow a man to see & hold all parts of you, the raw, your curves and dimples, the chaotic emotions that flux & flow with your natural rhythm. 
To lock eyes with him and hold his gaze while you undress for him in daylight. 
To moan loudly with ecstasy with the waves of two energies tangling into one.

To breathe with the forests, bare toes dug into the moss, howling from your belly to Mother Luna above, tearing through traumas held in your throat chakra.

To create not to please others but rather to express the deepest parts of yourself. 
To appreciate a child’s rebellion because you see a part of you in her.

To trust deeply that your inner voice is wiser than any person outside of you’s advice. 
To have done the work to realize there was never anything wrong with you, and to fully love and accept your inner being & your outer shell exactly as you are.

To not dim your light because your fire makes people uncomfortable.

For me to finally come home to this place, of not dimming my fire because it makes people uncomfortable, is the catalyst behind me birthing my newest creation, The Rewilding Code.

Ladies, if you are ready to let go of the traumas, limitations, conditioning, worthiness wounds and come home to a place of deep self love and self reverence, awoke in your wild raw feminine essence, I am currently booking enrollment calls for this intimate private coaching experience!

Ready to collab together to make magic and unlock and rise into your power?

You know what to do <3

Photographed by the lovely Inés Montufo @

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