Most spirit junkie’s paths start the same. Our first year of being “woke” we generally overindulge in personal development books (and usually, very little integration, just high consumption), sign up for all the free webinars, do all of the journalling exercises and we end up gathering a list of all of these limiting beliefs that we have swirling around in our subconscious with very little idea of how to actually move forward and let them go.

We keep these stories alive with the words we speak, such as, “well I was born into scarcity so I have deep wounding around money. I believe there is never enough,” rather than, “I am learning how to open myself up to the unlimited abundance that I know is my divine birthright.” {see the difference there?}

We tend to over associate ourselves with what has been rather than the power of this very moment, giving that power away to old stories that are just that, old stories in the past. The power in presence grants us the ability to dictate a new reality, to call in that big beautiful vision into our existence merely by changing our words and feeling the energy shifts that come along with mindful communication.

Your subconscious is more than happy to work WITH you, in fact, life gets a whole lot easier when you do learn how to work with it. Our subconscious mind is such a beautiful, beneficial and vital part of our operating system. She’s like a motherboard just waiting to be cleared and reprogrammed to serve you to a greater level, otherwise, she’s just running viruses that are mucking up the system and freezing your browser in the CTRL-ALT-DEL loop.

But HOW can we release and move on from these old stories to make the calling in a new reality part a whole lot easier?

The following steps are the way that has worked the best for myself and my clients.

{{{{Subconscious reprogramming 101}}}}

Step 1: Becoming aware of the limiting story you desire to release.

2. Give this part of yourself love and acceptance. You cannot release this from your energy field from a place of fear. In order to transmute the darkness, we have to hit it with the light. In order to transmute fear, we have to approach it with love.

3. Create space in your subconscious by shifting the energy in deep states of meditation by releasing energetic charges around early memories that created the limiting belief. In this deeper state of meditation, visualize yourself living your day to day with a new empowering belief, get your emotions involved.

4. Plug in a new empowering story by practicing positive affirmations repetitively. (writing AND declaring out loud)

5. Embody the new empowering story by taking immediate action to reaffirm your new belief. Repeat.

6. No longer give your power away to the old limiting belief by keeping it alive with the words you speak. You collapsed that timeline & jumped into a new one, anchor that vibration in by BEING the new belief.

7. Continue to practice affirmations and embodiment (this is your daily work that you will be practicing with your daily morning ritual – with repetition your brain will be creating stronger neural pathways making it easier over time for it to just become natural to you)

8. Repeat step 4-7 daily. You may have to go back and do the whole process over again multiple times depending on how deeply rooted the dis-empowering belief is (and also – how deep you got yourself into meditation when you did the clearing work. The deeper you go, the better.)

This work is the first pillar, The Purge, of the deep transformation I take clients through in The Rewilding Code. We clean up that motherboard by clearing traumas and limiting beliefs so that you can operate with ease as you disrupt your paradigm by embodying the next level version of you that you are calling in.

Ready for your power to be woke? I am booking enrollment calls right now for The Rewilding Code, for more information go here!

Photo credit: Stephany Stefan Studio

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