As a little girl I had wild curiosity, spending hours exploring the trees and fields on my family’s farm. 
Nature was soon replaced with friends and boys, and I began to learn that in order to be accepted and be cool I had to dress a certain way and be interested in the same things as everyone else.

I really just wanted to be accepted.

That wild curiosity buried itself in my bones, going underground to sleep until it would begin to stir my late teenage years. 
The stir started with rebellion against everything and everyone, my family, the system, dropping out of school and getting mixed up with the wrong type of guys.

A traumatic relationship reminded me of a deep belief that I had learned as a young shy girl that the world was unsafe, and that I was unsafe, and I started to try to fit myself in a pretty box again behind a nice white picket fence where I would go to work 40 hours a week at an office and come home to a relationship that was predictable and surface level. In my early 20’s, I felt like I was living the same day over and over again, and that’s how it was going to continue on until retirement.

The wildness in my bones began to stir again, and I started to rebel from the vanilla life that I was living – burying myself with ink, unleashing the animal within at rock concerts and deciding to ditch the 9-5 and begin the entrepreneurial trek.

Life continued on like this for a year or 2, and then the stir in my bones that had me craving more shifted into a bone shaking earthquake.

The wildness was waking inside me, I started to feel everybody’s energy around me, my intuition fired up, my chakras opened, and I realized I was an energetic being rather than a series of identification numbers that had been assigned to me. 🔥

It was as if the Earth tore open, completely disrupting everything I thought was important, breathing her fire into me, igniting an insatiable hunger for adventure, passion, and MORE into me.

This pulsing wildness within began to shake loose all of the external factors that were not going to fit into this new paradigm I was birthing.

I set fire to my life, burning the white picket fence down and any relationships that were trying to take me down with it.

I hopped on a plane so fast and started to jet set around the world.

I had reckless stamped on my forehead as I got lost in wanderlust and got drunk on the thrill of new people, places and experiences.

I was shaking loose old identities and belief systems & saying f it to anything that didn’t feed into my curiosity and lust for life.

& then I fell in love with an Irishman that I met under the Cuban sun, and I knew my heart was going to move my rootless feet across the world.

I began to integrate all of the unraveling of conditioning I had done and was preparing to step into the coaching industry, when the Universe sent me a doozy of a lesson.

She had heard my request of becoming a powerful transformation coach for women, and so she sent me the ultimate lesson of them all, so that I could upgrade myself to be the coach I desired to be.

This lesson came in the form of a trauma while I was on vacation in Dominican Republic with a friend, a vacation where I was following the rules and being super chilled out. That reckless stamp that was on my forehead had long disappeared, but the Universe gave me a good ol’ delayed karmic slap for the many times I had played with fire in the past.

This lesson consumed me for a better part of a year as I worked through the healing and processing, the old belief that the world was unsafe and I was unsafe had been retriggered in me, my wild curiosity was quieted by fear, and in the darkness where I felt like I had lost myself, little did I know at the time, I actually was finding myself.

The Universe sent me a healing modality my direction which was the wand to my healing, and I could feel myself beginning to rise into my power and fire again.

I moved across the world to dissolve the ocean in between me and my soulmate, and then I began to unravel yet again.

My heart had broke many times with goodbyes to loved ones and my homeland, and long distance friendships began to take their toll and fall away.

As I was exposed to a whole new world, way of living and immersed in a new culture, I rapidly unraveled cultural conditioning, deep beliefs that were blocking my perception of my own innate power, and I had to learn how to open my heart again after having it battered and bruised from losses and betrayal.

In the unraveling, the whispers of my fierceness and intuition amplified to bone quaking howls moving the mountains and the forests. 🗻

I unlearned all that I had been taught the first quarter century of my life and unlocked codes within me of ancient wisdom and abundance.

I could feel myself rising as the wildness that had once been underground, ripped apart any limitations and thoughts of unworthiness.

And after a deep winter season of processing, shedding, and integrating, I placed my bare feet on the warming Earth below, knowing myself more than ever, straightening my spine and pulsing with liberation.

I knew I had finally been rewilded.

The external world, the people, the judgement, no longer impact the solar flares pulsing from my heart & the wildness radiating through my entire body. 💥

I have come home to myself. 
All of the lessons that lead up to this point were necessary so that one day I could turn my battles into medicine for humanity.

— ☽ ☾ —

I introduce to you, 
The Rewilding Code.

A magical transformative intimate experience where you and I take a journey together, 
to wake the wild within, 
to purge and release, 
to rise into your power, 
to activate the vibrational identity of the fierce queen that you are.

— ☽ ☾ —

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Photo credit: Ines Montufo @ fotografiaemotiva

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