The beautiful shift that’s happening right now on our planet is granting us the ability to create a Heaven on Earth matrix. 

In order to bring more light into ourselves and into humanity to create this new reality, we have to allow the light to illuminate our shadows to transmute the darkness back into light.

We no longer are being granted the privilege of running away and avoiding our pain, as the pain no longer is being numbed out by whatever your avoidance vice is.

The pain is coming to surface for you to breathe love and acceptance into it, to feel it fully until it no longer has it’s grasp on you.

To teach you how to witness and love it until it softens and releases.

The result?

Your paradigm will shift into a dimension of more joy, ease, and love.

Your darkness will transmute into light.

Your lessons will one day become your medicine for humanity.


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Photo credit: Inés Montufo @ fotografiaemotiva

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