Maybe it isn’t about self love, but rather, self remembrance. 
We come out of the womb in perfect form,
Purely connected to our souls, 
With the beliefs of abundance and self reverence so deeply instilled into our bones, 
And then we begin to absorb the fears and limiting beliefs of others,
Encoding it into our beings as if our own,
Shifting our perception and teaching us limitations to block our view of what truly is.
We are surrounded by images and ideas that teach us that we are not good enough,
We need to look better, be better, have this item and paint this on our face
It is bad to be loud and wild, it’s bad to break the rules
Good girls don’t think differently and colour outside the lines.
Our power is pushed down inside us, 
locked away hoping for a time that you begin to remember
We are taught to feel and be small 
To always be searching outside of ourselves for validation
That what we are and who we are is not enough
We are conditioned into a sleepy state, not aware that we are wearing a cloak
Our power goes underground, asleep in our bones waiting to wake
Waiting for that stir of curiosity with the quiver of wild in our veins
& one day after years of anger and rebellion playing out in the form 
of tequila shots and blurry one night stands and questioning the system
The wild within will begin to wake and our power code unlocks
We will unravel and let go of all of our leaves as we reach our branches to the sky
The conditioning will melt off and we let go of beliefs that were never ours to begin with
And we remember that power that was sleeping deep inside us 
We remember who we are, before we were told that there was everything wrong with us.

— Ready to wake the wild within? Check out The Rewilding Code.

Photo cred: Inés Montufo @ fotografiaemotiva

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