Have those gentle nudges to take better care of your body been getting louder and louder the last few weeks? Have you been experiencing really wild mood swings? Have you noticed you are extremely sensitive to light, touch and people right now?

There’s a huge shift in energy on our planet right now, our bodies are being permeated with more light energy from the cosmos…meaning, our own frequency is increasing and our bodies are crying out for us to take care of ourselves so that they can house these higher frequencies.

This is the year of the Queen energy, and what we’ve been dealing with this past several months is a massive purge of old belief systems that are no longer serving us in our call to rise into our queen. There’s no room for princess or damsel or distress, so we are shaking our lives free of any fragments of that (and it can feel really rocky, emotional and chaotic while doing so).

You may feel like everything is falling apart and everyone is falling away, which basically, whatever that isn’t in alignment with your soul purpose will be rapidly crumbling away.

The veil between us and the spiritual realm is thinning, so our spiritual gifts are revealing themselves and being heightened right now. Messages are coming through louder than ever from our higher selves. You may be seeing or hearing “beings” or in general getting hit with more visions.

If you haven’t been experiencing this, look at your meditation practice and how committed you are to it as a daily practice as this is your relationship to Source. (TIP: drop into meditation and set the intention that you would like to connect with your higher self to receive downloads of what it is that you are meant to bring into this world.)

This is such an exciting time to be alive, we are paving the way for the new world as we ascend into the 5th dimension.

Trust in the process, let yourself feel everything you need to feel fully, be gentle with yourself and those around you because we are all feeling it whether we are aware of it or not, hydrate, eat CLEAN, avoid alcohol and drugs, and get plenty of rest. It’s not everyday we get to bring in a new dimension like this, so let’s take good care of ourselves while we do <3

Photo credit: Ines Montufo @ fotografiaemotiva

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