Nature reminds us that no matter how hard forces push or pull us, we still rise and root down. 🌱

I feel like I have finally arrived to 2019.

This renewal energy that is clinging in the air as earth is stirring to wake for spring, has me on absolute fire.

I have felt fully. 
I have felt every fragment of grief, rage and chaotic sadness until there was nothing left, and I didn’t apologize for the endless tears streaming down my face or the times all I could do was scream.

I am no longer apologizing for feeling deeply and fully and I am no longer denying myself the space that I need to process, heal and let go.

As my branches lost all my leaves until I was bare and raw, I leaned into my trunk for support and I rooted down deeper than ever before.

Now is the time to rise and stretch my branches towards the warmth of the golden light above me as the earth slowly warms around me.

This is alignment. 
This is trusting the process.
This is surrender.

I’m ready. 

Photo captured in Mirabell Gardens, Salzburg, Austria

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